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  1. I'm really worried

    Hi all, This is my first post here. Actually, I’m in trouble. My marriage has fixed and I’ll be getting married within a couple of months. Basically, I’m a social worker and I have to be under the sun all the time. This had ruined my skin and face. My face is full of pimples and there are wrinkles under my eyes and forehead. I’m looking older than my actual age and I don’t have enough confidence to face my big day. While browsing, I happened to notice that chemical peel treatments ( ) are good option to get rid of my problem but I don’t know whether I’m too late to get this procedure. Is there any downtime for this procedure? Will it cause any after effects? Kindly share your thoughts. It’s kinda urgent!
  2. Hi all

    I'm new here and I need your help.