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  1. oh wow I thought my question pretty much harch ! however since you are open to answer I believe this a good thing, basically you have faith in him. so, when you finally meet him and live together for a month then I would be happy to ask you again, i am going to save questions for later. I wish you happy life
  2. someone exactly like me hmmm... I mean opposite sex I would marry her the instant my eyes lie on her you kidding me this is absolutely mind blowing for me
  3. congratulations and I hope all the best for you. from my view of life , relationships ,trust and love built up by interaction between two persons in the time of calm and in anger which is the crucial part. so judging personality of a person by apps is hard concept ! friendship then meeting in real life could show you the reality and nature of a person. 6 years !!! oh my god. so i have questions for you is he clearly planning to marry you ? have you visited or planning to visit his country ? I hope it has awesome nature
  4. Marrying yourself? XD

    how can you marry your self ! this is stupidity so sad
  5. greetings everyone

    thank you meandmyfaith accidentally I found this website , and realized that I am not alone in my thinking
  6. greetings everyone

    happy new year for you too ChildOfTheOneTrueKing
  7. greetings everyone

    thank you redgrapes
  8. greetings everyone

    hello to you too ChildOfTheOneTrueKing yeah the medical road isn't easy way so I am with UK medical school so I believe you are in USA . basically Kaplan reviews are fantastic even I listing to them whenever I have difficulty in any subject , so focus in them and watch the videos too. and Oxford clinical medicine it's like the holy Grail of medicine (in my view) yup it's called entrance exam all around the world finally nice to meet you too good luck comes with effective effort !
  9. greetings everyone

    thank you Syzygy
  10. greetings everyone

    thank you Jorge medical Field is along journey try to enjoy it !
  11. greetings everyone

    thank you samaye I really enjoyed reading about others experiences about this matter
  12. greetings everyone

    hello Aparajita thank you for replying I thought maybe my language a bit harsh the good thing that there others who thinks as I do ! that's great news ! little harde effort and I will be there
  13. greetings everyone

    hi I am new on this forum , I am 27 year old Virgin male and I became physician in medicine at the moment I am working to reach stability financially, I have always had this question ? are there anyone like me ! but incidentally I found this website which made my day . sure thing , there are people who engaged such activities but in this community. but I believe there a lot more who are pure in such difficult time. of course virginty as starter is great however it's not everything but it's good start , after that the understanding , common goals that sense that he/she is the one ! personally I prefer someone like me with no past history in premarital sexual relationships (that what I want ) now I am going to enjoy my stay