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  1. One thing my dad told me when I was heart broken about a guy I was dating not being a virgin was that it was honestly none of my business. The older I get, the more right I think he is. I know if a guy is good or not without knowing if he has had sex. How he talks to me, how polite he is, if he shares my same values. My advice would be to stop asking about people's sexual past. It will only make you jealous. Focus on the present. Live in the moment. Other than that, if you are religious, realize that God puts different struggles in front of all of us and use this as an opportunity to grow and learn forgiveness. A lot of the time, our issue with virginity isn't the other person's actions, it is how we are framing it to ourselves. This is the stuff that has helped me. Everyone is different, but I hope it can help you too:)
  2. Obviously someone on the sexually pure side lol. But also someone with ambition, has Christian values, handles defeat well, is not mean, is fairly progressive in the way they think about relationships (helps out with the cooking and cleaning), has a solid job, and likes to go traveling.
  3. I don't think your standards are impossible at all! Then again, I live in Wyoming and grew up in a religious homeschooling community where everybody was there because they did not agree with current secular thinking. lol. Just come to the Mid West!:)
  4. Hi there:)

    Haha she just acts really cute until you touch her...then she bites.
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  6. Hi there:)

    Hello! I guess I'm new here:) I'm pretty excited about finding this site....I didn't think places like this existed!!! I guess a little bit about myself- I am just finishing up college to become a Social Studies teacher, I really like Lord of the Rings, I actually live in Wyoming so I'm outdoors exploring a lot, and I have a cat who is evil and awesome at the same time:) I guess I'm just hoping to be able to connect with like-minded people who share my values! So..ya, happy to be here!:)