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  1. Do you believe in aliens/UFOS?

    @Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ That video was really funny A long time ago I saw an episode of Ancient Aliens and they investigated Tiwanaku. During the episode they asked stonemasons if they could replicate some of the work at the ancient site. They said it would be extremely difficult to do with modern technology and only the best stonemasons today would be able to replicate the work. Also, I have been to Egypt many times. I have explored inside and out Egypt's most elaborate and massive temples and the pyramids. It is mind blowing as you're exploring the sites to think this was done thousands of years ago. One can't help but wonder if they ever received any guidance from an outside source. Lastly, to the other commenters in this thread who mentioned the probability of life, I found this article to be quite interesting as it supports your ideas....It looks at the calculations and conditions for abiogenesis.
  2. Do you believe in aliens/UFOS?

    I believe there are two prominent explanations for UFO sightings. 1) I think most are misidentified aircraft under military or private contractor control i.e Northrop Grumman, British Aerospace Systems (BAE), Boeing, Lockheed Martin…. For example, when the F-117 and the B-21 were first being tested, many were reported as UFOs. The level of secrecy during their development was comparable or even stricter than the Manhattan Project. An extremely small number of people knew of the aircraft's existence. The eye witnesses had no knowledge of the aircraft and its’ technological capabilities, subsequently, they believed it must be extraterrestrial in nature. 2) I don’t believe a race of extraterrestrial beings that have mastered intergalactic space travel, quantum physics, and other sciences and mathematics far beyond anything humanity currently understands...are crashing their hyper advanced spaceships on our planet…like a bunch of joy riding, drunken teenagers….Uhhh no, I don’t buy that theory. However, I would believe a very small percentage of the reported “alien” crashes/UFO sightings are actually reverse engineered human vehicles from extraterrestrials.
  3. Honestly, I care more about happiness than the length of the marriage. I dont know if you have seen couples that have been married a long time but are miserable, resent each other, and would rather end their marriage but don't out of religious and/or cultural influences? When I do, it puts a lot of things into perspective for me. This is not surprising. I have my some thoughts as to why that is but was wondering if you know of the top of your head if the articles states the reason why?
  4. While I see the relationship ended, there are important things that can be learned from this. For starters, this post is just one of many reasons why women should date confident and secure men. Otherwise, the guy burdens the relationship with stress. Furthermore, a guy that lacks confidence can be extremely selfish because he will be constantly thinking/focusing on his own insecurities. There is nothing wrong with having preferences like virginity, if they’re not fueled by a lack of confidence and crippling insecurities. If they are, that person should fix those problems before dating. If they can’t be fixed, it’s their responsibility to tell their partner where they lack confidence, before feelings develop…So their partner knows the problem is not them but rather the other person. @4800 Years Someone who is physically/mentally confident, would not have felt “nauseous”, like they were “sharing”, or “worry” over their SO’s sexual history. They would have hoped their SO was treated well during those times, do their best to make him/her happy, and be excited because they’re with the person they love, who currently shares the same values. Confidence means a person has self-assurance/security that comes from their life experiences or from valuing their own abilities and/or qualities. Lastly, when my ex told me she was raped/molested for years by her older brother, when she was a child/pre-teen living deplorable conditions, my only thoughts were about her wellbeing…If WE were the ones that got raped and not our ex’s, WE’D want them to support us through love, compassion, and thoughtfulness. Instead, your questions relate to yourself and/or what you might not have gotten as a result of her alleged rapes This shows you knew a rapist takes and the victim can’t give anything. This is why I find these questions disturbing and suspect there’s more to this story. How do you think she felt when you would bring it up? She should be the one who felt “nauseous” because she was allegedly raped. A confident and secure man would not have felt this way. You should’ve felt sadness, empathy, and compassion for HER because she suffered from the alleged attacks. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 (seriously???) When you’re already in a relationship, you shouldn’t be comparing your SO to other women…you wouldn’t want her comparing you to other guys...Especially, if you were raped. Comparing is measuring a person’s worth, value, abilities, and/or qualities against another. Identifying is simply noticing differences and there is no overall effect. By asking these questions you were doubting her worth and value as a potential wife. Worst of all, in these questions you were comparing her body, mind, and/or spirit to a non-victim…And that is how you treated the women you wanted to marry? Wow...nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially rape victims. If you were simply noticing the differences between her and a non-victim, the alleged, assaults wouldn’t have negatively impacted your relationship with her. It should have made you loving, compassionate, and thoughtful towards her. This has to be the most disturbing question :/ She told you she’s a rape victim and you were concerned about what and how much she can still give to you???….WTH? This was extremely selfish and I suspect the root-cause was due to a complete lack of confidence and security. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ However, there are some things that make me question if she was raped. I hope for her sake she never was. 1) She loved you but wasn’t devastated or angry to find out you had problems with her because she’s an alleged rape victim? Yeah…I don’t buy that for a second. If that did not crush or anger her, I doubt it happened. 2) After the first, alleged rape, did she continue to spend one-on-one, alone time with him? Did she continue to visit him alone or invite him over? Adults avoid rape, they don’t repeatedly head towards it. So I think there are some major puzzle pieces missing from your ex’s side of the story… Since you didn’t give all the information, here is my best guess as to what happened. 1) Her conservative upbringing told her pre-marital sex is wrong. So if she had consensual and satisfying, sexual experiences, she’s definitely going to feel bad/guilty for enjoying them outside of marriage. I suspect this happened. 2) She saw a major lack of confidence and security and didn’t feel comfortable confiding in you. As a result, she doubted your ability to handle the truth and probably thought: a. You would feel “nauseous, worry”, or like you would be “sharing” her. b. You would think less of her. c. You might question how much she can still give to you. So if she tells you rape, maybe you can view her as a virgin and not “worry” about her sexual history. Things like love, virginity, purity, innocence, best experiences, et cetera, have to be given and/or willingly received, they can’t be stolen or forced. Conclusion: 1) If she lied/mislead you because she thought she was sparing your feelings, thought you’d dump her because you valued her virginity more than her, or some sort of a combination, it would be inexcusable on her part. You don’t deserve to be lied, misled, and treated that way... Lying about one's sexual history is wrong, especially, if they're doing it to get something (i.e companionship, commitment, marriage… Et cetera) Worst of all, she would have totally dishonored actual rape victims. 2) However, if she was a victim, then she is the strongest, kindest, sweetest, most patient, forgiving, thoughtful, and loving women. I’d go crawling back to her ASAP! That’s a women worth fighting for!
  5. How important is height?

    I don't care. Taller, shorter, same height, does not matter to me. Wow well that must be awesome having so many options! lol lucky you
  6. What kind of car do you drive?

    I drive an old but awesome car and I really love it. It is a 2001 acura cl type S. It's 100k miles, the interior is in perfect condition, everything runs great. lol i think it was also the first (or at least close to it) generation Nav system and touch screen...However, it does freak me out that pretty much everything including ALL climate controls are controlled by the one touchscreen in the yeah if that goes out lol ill most likely just get a new car. Because it is is in such pristine condition and the body style is nice, I actually have people ask me if I am willing to sell my car. That's happened 4 times now I would love to have the 2018 Corvette ZR1...OMG i cant wait till that car comes even though there is 0.00% chance of me being able to afford it. Also, I think the 720s is going to be epic...and would love to see it compared to the Ford GT.
  7. @DHZ As odd as this makes me, I don't actually listen to music so I'm rather indifferent on the topic. But the guy in that video is a complete nut job. God is not going to say, “When you worshiped me, you used the same rhythm as other evil people.” You can trace something bad to just about anything and that’s why God is will look at your heart and your intentions. By this guy’s crazy logic, you would not be allowed to use a vast array of modern technology because the porn industry either created or directly influenced the technology. From Blue Ray dvds, the internet, any video streaming services (i.e. Facetime,YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, et cetera) digital cameras, webcams, et cetera. Oh and if you live in a country that uses tax payer funds to support abortion, then I guess you better stop paying your taxes? If the point of that video is to suggest in some way God is displeased with you because you like music with a certain rhythm or because you play certain card games and that's why you're single, then that’s completely absurd. Again it’s your heart and intentions that matter in this scenario. I would encourage you to focus the sensible comments in this thread.
  8. Hey man first of all GOOD for you on asking those girls out for coffee! Assuming that was done in person....I always jokingly say it’s harder for a girl to reject me to my face then it is to not reply lol…then I at least have a shot haha. Anyway, that is a great step in the right direction and you must keep that up. To be completely honest with you, your interests have little to do with this situation…It only means in those environments, you’re clearly not going to meet many girls. There are plenty of couples that have nothing in common except they love each other and that’s perfectly ok. They take turns doing the fun things the other person enjoys. They don’t mind doing the not so fun stuff (within reason) because they’re with the person they love. My 0.02 cents… 1) Continue to increase your network of friends in real life. The more you get out there in person, the better your odds are for meeting a girl…or someone else setting things up for you. 2) Definitely continue asking girls out in real life! That's a must 3) Your programming career is a BLESSING!! because you can move to any city with a higher population of Christian women. 4) Absolutely continue online dating. If you struggled with this one, then I would ask the lovely women on WTM for some tips on how to send a strong message that will grab the attention of a woman, on a dating site. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Online dating…I’m the last person to be talking about this one… so take this with a grain of salt and you probably already know this stuff. Since you’re into coding/programing, you’re clearly way smart and already know online dating is definitely a numbers game. I have read several articles saying men on average have to send out 30-40 messages on traditional dating sites just to get one reply. So when I first tried online dating, I was like a fish out of water. My entire life I had only interacted with women in person…so it was all new to me. Lol this is sad but I’ll admit it, before I knew that stat…. I actually thought there was a glitch with the dating site I was on and my profile was not working lol. I think at that point I had sent out right around 35 messages straight, without one, single reply haha. Good thing rejection does not bother me haha. Then when the first girl responded, I was so excited and then I was flooded with questions. Here is what I learned. A. I was not thinking about online dating from the women’s perspective. On traditional sites like Match, OKC, and CM, they usually bombarded with tons of messages every day. B. If they usually get flooded with messages, I needed to change my approach in a way that is conducive to the high volume of messages. When I did, I went from sending over 30+ messages to only 5 or 8 before I would get a reply. C. I also changed my profile picture and put a clearer image up and I think that also helped. So stay persistent with your approach. If you want it enough, you have to keep trying and adapting.
  9. @samaye Sounds great! Meet me at the Marble Slab in the Houston Galleria. And if your knee is not too wobbly, then we can go ice skating
  10. Hmm I have 2.5 of these if you're stumbling around today, I'm sorry for giving you a weak knee. Let me know if you sustained any scrapes or cuts from falling and I'll send you some band-aids could let me make it up to you and I'll take you out for some ice cream ( haha I'm just kidding sorry I could not resit ) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok so just the superficial stuff. Each trait by itself is very nice and any combination can be captivating...obviously, not deal-breakers or anything and not in any particular order: Chubby or curvy (not morbid obesity) Pale skin Nice hands with naturally grown out nails and/or cute feet Long hair Less makeup the better Really smart girls (Yes, some inward traits can also be superficial...this effect meets the definition the poster described ) Big butt, hips, or thighs
  11. Social Bias Against Men

    Yeah she found some old letters, emails, and pictures + her bad tempter = bad news. The cops were from an older generations so that could have had something to do with it. You know when I was in college I knew only a few girls that when they got mad would physically hit people or say truly, horrible things. I always wondered if they would act like that if there was no double standard in society? Think about it from their prospective. They know they can say whatever they want and no matter how terrible it is, a guy can't react the if it was another guy...and same for hitting a guy. Because our society (depending on where you live)...and how you're raised for that matter. You're never allowed to hit a women.(i.e one of several components to the "princess complex") wow I know exactly what you're talking about...yeah if the genders were reversed in that scene, people would be out of a job so fast....especially, if the scene was meant to provide comedic value....The movie Horrible Bosses basically did the same thing. Jennifer Aniston had the same type of obsession with her male employee. She was desperate to have sex with him but he was married and had no interest. So she molested him while he was unconscious and took pictures of it. Aniston's character said it's not rape because he did not have an erection. And she would send the pictures to his wife, if he did not have sex with her....And this was supposed to be funny...Bc people think Aniston is pretty and he's a guy...Yeah if that scene was reversed wow people would be in an uproar
  12. The Question Game

    This site is the first thing that comes to mind. This has to be the largest gathering of diverse virgins and waiters. So why aren't people establishing more relationships? I have a few theories but who knows for sure? __________________________________________________ NEXT QUESTION: Do you believe in sentient, extra terrestrial life? Why or why not?
  13. Social Bias Against Men

    Wow this is an interesting thread. I live in the US so this societal issue might be different in other countries. Also, this kind of stuff can differ in the US depending on where you live…That being said, I think there certainly can be double standards BTW that video with Sharon was disgusting and I could not watch all of it….from what I did see, those cackling hyenas were appalling in every measurable way… Anyway, my friends gf was a soccer player and she had a really bad temper. One day she lost it and badly beat him. This happened outside while my friends and I were all indoors playing music and games. My neighbors witnessed the assault and called the cops. She kicked him straight in the testicles, he dropped to the ground, she continued to kick him while he was down, and then repeatedly punched him in the face with her hand that had all her rings. His face was a mess from her rings and the concreate and his eye swelled shut after 15 min. This was all because she was jealous his ex gf from 5 years ago…she thought he loved her more because she was prettier…wow Two male cops showed up and looked at him while he was still crying from the ordeal and said “Jeezes where’s the other guy that did that to you?” She confessed everything to the cops and they started laughing and said well you can’t do that anymore and left………….Yeah that’s one hell of a double standard…..We all looked at each other scratching our heads. I can guarantee if the roles were reversed he would have been booked and have a criminal record. Completely agree with you. She needed to restrain him and then start hitting him or she needed to choke him. The guy kinda ruined the second part of that experiment. However, I still think people would react pretty much the same… Unless if the guy was handicap in some way…which is messed up on both accounts. I am assuming you’re talking about females raping males and not male on male rape? If so, that is crazy how some people think men can’t be raped by women. Albeit it is probably rarer for a lot of reasons but none the less it certainly happens, here are two different ways where women raped men and both were prosecuted. The second video explains well how this can happen and why it’s wrong.
  14. freerice

    Yes, it is a great site! My old co-worker introduced it to me when it first came out
  15. What is your favorite fruit?

    I love making my own pizza and I can never have enough Mango+Canadian bacon or Mango+pepperoni. Mango on pizza is 10x better than pineapple...Just FYI... And of course you must sprinkle on top of that some shredded Mozzarella cheese, so it melts over everything...MMMmmmm If I could like my own comments, this is one I would definitely self-like