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  1. Social Bias Against Men

    Yeah she found some old letters, emails, and pictures + her bad tempter = bad news. The cops were from an older generations so that could have had something to do with it. You know when I was in college I knew only a few girls that when they got mad would physically hit people or say truly, horrible things. I always wondered if they would act like that if there was no double standard in society? Think about it from their prospective. They know they can say whatever they want and no matter how terrible it is, a guy can't react the if it was another guy...and same for hitting a guy. Because our society (depending on where you live)...and how you're raised for that matter. You're never allowed to hit a women.(i.e one of several components to the "princess complex") wow I know exactly what you're talking about...yeah if the genders were reversed in that scene, people would be out of a job so fast....especially, if the scene was meant to provide comedic value....The movie Horrible Bosses basically did the same thing. Jennifer Aniston had the same type of obsession with her male employee. She was desperate to have sex with him but he was married and had no interest. So she molested him while he was unconscious and took pictures of it. Aniston's character said it's not rape because he did not have an erection. And she would send the pictures to his wife, if he did not have sex with her....And this was supposed to be funny...Bc people think Aniston is pretty and he's a guy...Yeah if that scene was reversed wow people would be in an uproar
  2. The Question Game

    This site is the first thing that comes to mind. This has to be the largest gathering of diverse virgins and waiters. So why aren't people establishing more relationships? I have a few theories but who knows for sure? __________________________________________________ NEXT QUESTION: Do you believe in sentient, extra terrestrial life? Why or why not?
  3. Social Bias Against Men

    Wow this is an interesting thread. I live in the US so this societal issue might be different in other countries. Also, this kind of stuff can differ in the US depending on where you live…That being said, I think there certainly can be double standards BTW that video with Sharon was disgusting and I could not watch all of it….from what I did see, those cackling hyenas were appalling in every measurable way… Anyway, my friends gf was a soccer player and she had a really bad temper. One day she lost it and badly beat him. This happened outside while my friends and I were all indoors playing music and games. My neighbors witnessed the assault and called the cops. She kicked him straight in the testicles, he dropped to the ground, she continued to kick him while he was down, and then repeatedly punched him in the face with her hand that had all her rings. His face was a mess from her rings and the concreate and his eye swelled shut after 15 min. This was all because she was jealous his ex gf from 5 years ago…she thought he loved her more because she was prettier…wow Two male cops showed up and looked at him while he was still crying from the ordeal and said “Jeezes where’s the other guy that did that to you?” She confessed everything to the cops and they started laughing and said well you can’t do that anymore and left………….Yeah that’s one hell of a double standard…..We all looked at each other scratching our heads. I can guarantee if the roles were reversed he would have been booked and have a criminal record. Completely agree with you. She needed to restrain him and then start hitting him or she needed to choke him. The guy kinda ruined the second part of that experiment. However, I still think people would react pretty much the same… Unless if the guy was handicap in some way…which is messed up on both accounts. I am assuming you’re talking about females raping males and not male on male rape? If so, that is crazy how some people think men can’t be raped by women. Albeit it is probably rarer for a lot of reasons but none the less it certainly happens, here are two different ways where women raped men and both were prosecuted. The second video explains well how this can happen and why it’s wrong.
  4. freerice

    Yes, it is a great site! My old co-worker introduced it to me when it first came out
  5. What is your favorite fruit?

    I love making my own pizza and I can never have enough Mango+Canadian bacon or Mango+pepperoni. Mango on pizza is 10x better than pineapple...Just FYI... And of course you must sprinkle on top of that some shredded Mozzarella cheese, so it melts over everything...MMMmmmm If I could like my own comments, this is one I would definitely self-like
  6. Guys, be honest - would you date a girl with facial hair?

    I have a beard so as long as it's not thicker than my mustache, it's all gook This is one of my favorite complexions...It's extremely attractive! There are plenty of other guys that also agree because it makes for a very stunning contrast. I probably would not even notice a bit of facial hair because i would be captivated by everything else. Good don't get rid of it all. There are plenty of guys that love an all natural women (I'm one myself) find a guy like that, and you'll never think about it again because he will love every bit of you as is
  7. That might be true for you and/or the long-term relationships you have had, assuming you have had any. However, other couples are able to build strong, interpersonal connections in other ways. I know plenty that are fully secure in themselves, have unyielding trust in each other, deeply care about the opinions their spouse has of them, and they have the best interpersonal connections they have ever experienced. They are each other’s best friend, supporter, and lover. The foundation to those successful marriages were built upon several strengths: First having confidence in themselves and then each other, then having the security that comes along with their confidence, and then trusting each other (and a few other qualities but not relevant here.). These pillars of strength work great for them to cultivate their love for one another. They did not build their successful marriage upon weakness, insecurity, fear of risks, or thoughts of negative repercussions. There are different paths to building and cultivating successful relationships. To each their own.
  8. How to deal with my Christian boyfriend's porn addiction?

    Well I don’t know if you two are still together as this response is a bit down the road but what the heck. At least this is not naïve and I would guess definitely true. I completely understand how and why this would bother you. What would he think and how would he react if you told him you too masturbate to porn? That might make him think twice about what he’s doing. I bet he would feel the exact same way you do. I don’t know if he is a guy with a high drive. But if he is, you can’t even begin to understand how mentally and physically taxing it is to remain celibate, any more than he can understand what menstruating is like. The average man can have 10x more the testosterone than a woman and those levels can oscillate every 15-20 minutes. He can also go through complete cycle in a 24 hour period. The higher his testosterone levels are, it gets dramatically more difficult to control oneself. This is why every day can be immensely difficult for many men to control and without a way to release that intense hormonal drive, it can be hell. This is definitely true for many men. Once they have a wife and experience the full emotional, mental, and physical joys of intimacy, they won’t even think twice about porn. However, some men even when married will always struggle with the temptation of porn. Unless he has been married and can say that from experience, he might want to be more careful when making those promises. You certainly can help support him to overcome this challenge…Just ask him if he wants you to help. If he does, then you two can sit down and discuss your options. There are websites that will track, monitor, and block porn for people wanting to stop. Lastly, you should be very proud of yourself for showing him grace. Personally, I think you’re handling this very admirably and you should give yourself a pat on the back. Just keep in mind how difficult every single day can be for some guys.
  9. Haunted Road Trip

    Ohh dang!!!! I so would have done this when I lived TX ! I do have a few really good ghostly experiences, back when I was in of them still gives me the shivers to this day
  10. Yeah a few other members already answered this rather well...basically comes down to homophobia and fear of showing too much emotion. I find great joy in hugging men that I know can't stand it! Seeing their skin crawl and the look of shock and confusion on their faces makes me laugh inside For these types, I will not bump my ass out (which is genetically wired into all straight males, to put as much hip-to-hip or as others refer to.. tip-to-tip distance) I will bring em in and give a firm, semi-awkwardly long embrace....I did this more when i was younger not so much now....expect for a few uncles that are old and only like to give men hand shakes lol I just push their hand aside and hug...and it's hilarious...Ohh and my brother and i would do this when my sister would introduce a bf to us for the first time...
  11. Yeah that’s because the “bad” is what ends or strains a relationship, not the good. Also, I feel that it keeps in line with the theme of these last two scenarios I read, which focused on how the “bad” things were straining the hypothetical relationships. For 1) I'll have to go back and check it later but I don't think I mentioned vulnerability as being negative, but rather some of the potentially, toxic traits that can lead someone to feel vulnerable. E.g, A man that lacks confidence in a relationship is usually not a good thing and can put a lot of stress on the relationship. I am not sure if 2) is completely negative? Loving a person is a good thing.
  12. I have never seen any of those movies but I have heard A Beautiful Mind is a good film. I saw this documentary a while ago and loved it. Check it out and let me knw what you think:
  13. Fears and Phobias

    LOL we have the exact same fears!!!! I hate roaches because to me they are disease laden creatures! I actually like bugs in general and enjoy learning about them...but not roaches. I moved down to Texas for a few years and had no idea they have mutant roaches! I got home late one night and as I opened the door, I saw a mouse on my spoon i left out. It was nibbling away at the leftovers....As I got closer it scuttled away, behind the dishwasher. At that moment I was mortified to realize that was not a mouse....It was a roach!!!! I thought to myself well this can't get much I walked up to my dinner plate and spoon, I noticed the roach quite literally left a nice, fresh, steamy hot, turd on my spoon......Needless to say, I probably did not get much sleep that night...I never found that roach again. And yes the plate and spoon went right in the trash haha. Those roaches were so big, they were not able to fit in the traps I bought I too was not bothered by heights when I was a kid. I flew all the time. However, the first time I went rock climbing, I was totally freaked out being danged a 100 ft in the air...Then a year later i had a 12 hour flight and on that flight i remember thinking how scared i was rock climbing... Then i said to myself "then why aren't you scared flying...your 35,000 FT in the air?"...and I was never the same after that i hate heights all together
  14. Ohh wow I have seen this guy on a few amazing documentaries. There is another savant he worked with from time to time named Kim Peek
  15. Great profile pic :) that puppy is a QT