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  1. lol this is random but I can't believe you have almost 30k profile views!!!! People must love you:)

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    2. SG1


      A kids meal? How generous of you. :D

      My apologies for the delay. I did not know the answer to your intelligent question. So I packed up my gear and I embarked on another trek. This time I traveled all the way up to Western Mongolia and stayed with the Kazakh tribe, in the Altai Mountain range. They are the world’s best and last known peoples to train eagles to hunt down prey. They informed me any kind of meat will work for your prized Harpy Eagles and they showed me how to train an eagle how to hunt. I utilized the knowledge bestowed upon me from the elders and worked with a young tribesman to train his eagle. Here is a quick clip of our success:

      I could train your much larger and more powerful Harpy Eagles to hunt like this…and if anyone tries to flee from you…lol they won’t get too fare.

      P.S. You’re hilarious:lol::lol::lol::lol:

    3. Amber Elizabeth

      Amber Elizabeth

      I get to keep the toy though. :P 

      I would be very grateful if you could train them like that. I need strong, independent eagles that don't need no one to feed or protect them. And I'd love to have some attack eagles to protect me and to help me to destroy my enemies. :D 

      Well, of course I'm hilarious, I'm a queen and it's part of my job. and because I'm just amazing like that anyway. :D 

    4. SG1


      I could not get to this convo from my profile:( so I had to get on yours and I am glad to see you hit 30k views! It's official...WTM Queen. Can I get an update on your independent, attack Harpy Eagles?

  2. Great profile pic :) that puppy is a QT

  3. SG1

    Boy Meets World is a great 90's tv show! Do you have any other 90's favorites?

    I really liked Salute Your Shorts...haha now that I am thinking about it, I could probably list quite a few more.

  4. Hi there : p I read your list that has the loves of your life and I think there is one thing you should add...Since you like chocolate, you should try Marble Slab's red velvet ice cream and you must add oreo and graham cracker to it...I promise it will be the best ice cream you will ever have :P

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    2. BeautifullyBookish


      I wasn't wondering, don't worry I get it :lol:

      Some people are rude and couldn't care less, it really bothers some people though. It is awful when someone thinks you're being rude when you're not. 

      I think I understand. Maybe reading your profile will help, I'll go do that and ask any questions if I have them. I hate when people bash other people. It doesn't matter if they're doing something sinful or they're different or whatever, we should not attack the person  (especially someone who is a Christian). 

      I didn't choose to wait, it was just always something I knew was right for me. I just could not have sex with someone who wasn't my husband, it wouldn't make me happy. Waiting is just within me, always has been. I only became a Christian a little over a year ago so religion never had anything to do with it. Now it makes me happy to know my choices fit with God's Word but my choices weren't because of that. I hope that makes sense. And if I  step back from my feelings about me I still think waiting is a great choice and wish more people would do it. It's so beneficial and society would be so much better if people waited. Disease and pregnancies and emotional involvement is just all so avoidable. And waiting is such a special thing. I wish more people could see that. 

      It's so sad that women treat you that way. I personally find virgins attractive so someone telling me that would only make me more keen, especially if they're purposefully holding out. There's nothing more attractive to me than someone who is really promiscuous and has that casual sex thing going with every girl he meets. 

      Weirdly guys, when they're waiting, seem to get the response you describe from women who aren't waiting. I also have OKcupid and I put on my profile about waiting. I still get a lot of messages, too many actually, and even though the guys aren't waiting they're not perturbed. They ask about it or admire it or wonder if it's a challenge. Most respect it. A surprising amount say they'd be down with it. I've never once been ignored or treat like a freak. I think this is because it's more socially acceptable to be a Virgin as a woman. As a man you're just a freak who can't get laid to most women. Even though that's so obviously not true and I'm sure you're plenty beddable it is this stigma which surrounds men who are virgins. Maybe women, obviously not me, want a man to have experience so he's knows what he's doing but men want a women to experience them first and to be the first to be with her. It's definitely gender specific, the response to the "Virgin waiter" thing. It's a shame but you definitely don't want to be with someone like that anyway. 

      It feels so wrong, the thought of sleeping with someone I'm not married too. I thought I wouldn't find someone who would wait so I'd have to have sex before then and I worried about them leaving or becoming pregnant or being alone forever because I couldn't bring myself to have sex with them. Or doing it and regretting it. That might be worse. That and being left after having given it to someone. 

      I'm all about being a man's first ;)

      Cheerio is actually fairly archaic now, at least reserved for those from the south. 

      Mate is something people say but it actually annoys me, I hate the word :lol:

      Talk to me like an American. I just love how y'all talk ;)

      Hope to hear from you soon. After scrolling back I suspect it might take you a few weeks to read this message and reply. I'm sorry it's so long! :lol:

    3. SG1


      That is very interesting to hear religion was not a factor in your feelings to wait. I do get it though. Some people are just wired for monogamy and other can’t do a relationship for more and a certain period of time.

      Thank you but I never took that stuff personally. I just looked at it as…” Well she was not the one and id rather find out sooner than later : ) “   It was frustrating though. Anyway, the ones who would at least give me an explanation for why they were dropping me like a bad habit lol, all said pretty much two things:

                1) Yes, you were spot on with this one. They want a man who knows what he’s doing, how to pleasure a women and they don’t want to take the time to teach a guy what to do.

      My thoughts- If they are that impatient, then wowdefinitely not for me. Assuming your partner is not doing something the way you want, you can’t take a minute to explain how you like certain things? Hey call me crazy but I want my partner to be patient with me, as I would be for them.… Secondly, just because someone does not have the hands on experience, (pun INTENDED hehe) does not mean they will be a fumbling buffoon. Part of physical pleasure is psychological and the other is basic anatomy & physiology so knowing that, it’s not difficult : )


      It is just so foreign to me. I could never tell a girl, especially one im into…Well this is not going to work because you have not banged enough dudes… and I don’t want to have to communicate with you on how to pleasure me. WTF? Lol that’s crazy to me. Personally, I’m super easy to please so no experience required here lol. When thinking about my pleasure, a passionate women is always more important than her experience. Passion= you love to give, just as much as receiving. Non passion= doing a job…prostitutes do a job not a spouse. I could really go on about this one.  

      2)   I would regret not having fun with many other women and then down the road, I would cheat on them. They want a guy who has gotten that out of his system.

      My thoughts- Personally, I told those girls “ I am not wired that way and I never will be. What I need to get out of my system, we would get to do together.”  However, to be completely fair, this was a very, very legitimate concern. I completely understood this but did not agree with it, as it did not apply to me.

      Anyway, those are the two main reasons for their concerns about an older virgin or a guy with very, very few partners. (Just for the record, I don’t know if I clarified this but the problem non WTM women have with a virgin or a man with few partners, is strictly related to his age. If you’re 20, you can get away with it but not much after that.)  

      It is great other sites have worked out for you!:D I am glad to hear you are having a positive experience finding men that can wait with you. As you did mention, just don’t forget some people can take that as a challenge…I remember when I was younger, I did have a few women take it as a challenge. Let’s just say they really tried hard to tempt me ( and btw I’m no Brad Pitt…lol and thanks for the “beddable” flattery)  but I stuck to what I thought was right….Since their ego’s took a pretty big hit, then they thought I was a closet homosexual haha. But yeah I would imagine being a girl, the challenge aspect is going to be magnified like 10x. But you sound like a really wise person and women who knows herself very well, so I don’t see any young….chaps…( lol ok I could not resist that one) ….guys…. pulling the wool over your eyes.

      You mention the benefits to waiting, which I agree…Just out of curiosity, what do you think some of the downside to waiting are?

      You are definitely spot on with the differences in virginity and gender. The main reason men want a virgin wife/GF is all rooted in fear. They’re afraid they will not be as pleasurable as previous partners.  I could explain this more thoroughly but it would get graphic, so I’ll keep it G rated.   If your wife is not a virgin and she is emotionally, spiritually, physically and sexually satisfied with you, then why choose to stress over it?

      I am glad you’re all about a guy’s firsts : p …….. I just hope it was as good for you as it was for me…hehe

      (yeah another one I could not resist…sorry im done : )


      Omg ya’ll is definitely a southern US word lol… BTW we all do not say that haha


      Hey I enjoy getting to knw people, that’s why I’m here and why I like to ask people questions. Speaking of which, I don’t believe you told me more about your baking? Did I intimidate you with my baking abilities? Haha jk. Anyway, for future reference, you can’t write me too much : p feel free to write as much or little as you want

      I hope you have a great day:D

    4. BeautifullyBookish


      Oh I totally get the one regarding knowing what to do. People have told me how bad my first time will be with neither of us having done it before but frankly I'm cool with that. My first time is going to suck anyway, I want it to be with someone who will care and make sure it's as good as it could be. And the great thing about being married is that after the first time you can go again and again and again.... And eventually it will be good. You have time to be with this person and you know them and love them and I'd hope that you've talked about what you want. That's the thing I  think is super important, you have to talk about sex with the person you're with. So many people are so giggly and weird about it. Like they can't say penis or vagina and I'm thinking, how on earth can you have sex when you can't even talk about it? People aren't mind readers. You hear the cliche "oh he didn't know how to make me orgasm" "she was boring in bed" and it just is so ridiculous. Of course these people generally aren't too attached so that's a good reason to leave a relationship but in a marriage you just tell him what he's doing wrong or tell her to grab the whipped cream and meet you in the bathroom and get over it. Seriously sex isn't so much of an issue like that if your relationship is built on more. And people say "but what if there's no chemistry". I'm in love with this person. I'm marrying them I'm probably dying to rip their clothes off. There will be chemistry. 

      I've made friends on those sites but not met anyone I'd like to date. I haven't connected particularly well with anyone on that level but the thing is also I can't be with someone who is waiting for me. He has to want it for himself or it has to be something he thinks is a good idea or something he has wanted or done before. Guys offer to wait for me but I can tell that their heart isn't it. One guy in particular, who I actually did like but we are too different to date, had told me this. But he also said that if a girl on a night out offered to sleep with him he would. He's a Virgin not by choice. And I just couldn't be with him knowing that he doesn't value sex like I do. It's lovely that he'd want to do that for me but it's not easy and I need someone to share at least the understanding of why I want it. He doesn't even understand the appeal. I hope this makes sense. Also I don't want someone to resent me for making them wait once they realise how hard it is. 

      Certainly not. I'm very sure about telling them how it is. They can challenge me all they like, they will lose :P

      Well I've not ever been in a relationship so I don't know from experience the downsides. I'd imagine it's a few things. Being horny for one. I assume some people rush into marriage sooner for this reason without realising it which could be bad. I suppose there is a lot of nervousness built up for the big night. Um.... I think actually interestly it's how society and family might judge the situation. In a weird twist there are now children telling their parents they want to wait and their parents being baffled because they hadn't expected it. I know I'm dreading telling mine and having to explain it. I hope I  never will have to but if I'm still living here and dating someone they're going to ask if I'm having sex and if I say no... Well they probably won't beleive me or they'll ask why. It's hard to wait now in terms of how society and our culture is. 

      Hmm... Was it good for me....nah not really. No offense but I've had better. It was your first, not mine ;):lol:

      Aww I wish you would, it's such a fun word! 

      Oh and when men say "yes, ma'am" :wub:

      Oh yeah, I forgot. Mostly I bake chocolate things. Generally I bake because it's calming and therapeutic and often I give 90% of what I make to people. I love chocolate and things but weirdly I just don't ever eat much of what I bake.

  5. I wish I got the chance to know you. I have read many of your comments and you seem really legit...I am pretty sure we would not agree on everything, however, that's ok. In a previous post you mentioned the difference b/w TRUTH and you were absolutely spot on.

    and to quote you....I hope you found what you were looking for.

  6. Well I just filled out my "About Me" section and I am pretty sure it's the longest one on this site lol