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  1. Why do guys do this?...

    @ellegabrielle While this is rare, there have been times when people have looked at me and eventually asked where they know me from. Maybe you look familiar to them and that’s why they are looking at you?…Or when I had a girlfriend I often noticed things other women were wearing i.e clothes, earrings, rings et cetera…that I thought my GF would like...It gave me ideas on little things I could get for her...just as a little surprise if that makes any sense? So maybe those are alternative explanations for why they might be looking at you. There are people who struggle to differentiate between social actions. I have personally known a few guys who thought if a girl looks at them or makes eye contact, then she might be interested or attracted to them. If these random guys are like that and see you making eye contact back at them (despite the fact they looked at you first for whatever reason/s), they could be thinking you find them attractive or you’re interested in them…especially if you smile at them…So if they hug/kiss their girlfriends, you will indirectly know they’re taken….If this is the case, I personally find it strange because it is happening in passing and not during prolonged social interactions, where you will be spending time with them…like going to the movies, out to eat, amusement parks….. I know this is very different but it does remind me of my ex-girlfriend. She would do this to me when guys would hit on her because it’s better than saying “I have a boyfriend” because sometimes guys can get really weird when a woman rejects them…they can take it way too personal or get really defensive. Anyway, I have traveled to western and northern Europe but have not been to any southeastern European countries. I do not recall noticing anything similar to what you have described. Perhaps there could be some local/cultural aspect to this behavior?
  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhh @DHZ I hope you pm the nice, young, virgin, Christian waiter above, who is literally everything you have been asking for
  3. Wow there are some really insightful comments here! I think this is totally true. Especially, when you’re in a committed and established relationship. I am SO GLAD you chimed in! If I could give your entire reply 100 likes, I sure as hell would! I totally love what you said! That is is NOT pursuing but rather showing a possible interest...I have always believed that should be part of the women's role. Why? Because I am a guy, not a mind reader. Now to be honest, I might NOT take the example given as a sign of interest but rather as a compliment...I compliment women and to of my knowledge, almost all of them have not taken it the wrong way. This is so true! It does not matter what your gender is, knowing someone finds you desirable is an amazing feeling...Guy or girl, it makes no difference. Sometimes women might forget men mostly have the same feelings they do...we might just express it differently. If you're a woman and want to try this, just make sure you give it several days. This sort of thing is usually quite rare for the average guy and processing the experience might take time. No, I would not mind if a women pursued me. Just don't be creepy about it lol That might be too aggressive if you live in an Amish community but in the real world, that is totally fine.
  4. A few of my former male friends who were like this, tended to be insecure with their bodily image. So a smaller female made them feel more dominate, strong and overall masculine. Some guys are fine if the girl is taller but not fine with the awkward looks they will receive in public. Nobody will look twice if the girl is shorter. Myself and other guys could care less about height...taller or shorter...Makes no difference.
  5. Celebrity Crush?

    Yeah I’m the same way. I am attracted to cute women and almost never to stereotypically “hot” woman. The most beautiful ones I see, are in everyday life.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Agreed, a white leather interior is always super nice looking in a car.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Sure those players can protest, just do it at an appropriate time. When giving a eulogy or wedding vows, is that an appropriate time to give constructive criticism about the other person? No. Those players making millions of $ every year, need to take a walk through a veteran’s grave yard and consider the sacrifices those people made. Those men/women severed, fought and died to help preserve the liberties that give those players the lavish life styles, privileges and freedoms they love…Including their right to protest…So the least they can do, is show some respect and protest at a time that is not dedicated to honoring the country and those service men/women. Collen Kaepernick wore clothing portraying cops as pigs…there is nothing respectful about that. He has also made statements that are complete nonsense…One of which “There are bodies in the street and people are getting paid to leave and getting away with murder.” He is fueling a false narrative that police officers are senselessly killing blacks because of racism. More than 7800+ black homicides occurred in the US during 2016. Over 90% were committed by other blacks. Police fatally shot 233 blacks which were reported to be armed and dangerous. 16 were unarmed but this means they committed assault or violent resistance against the officer/s. I.e. Michael Brown in 2014. If these players really cared, then they should be protesting the problem that is killing more 90% of blacks in this country. But instead they'd rather focus on the problem that contributes to less than 1% of black homicide?...that is not the problem that needs protesting. Yes, policing in this country can be improved upon and so can public awareness/responsibility. Personally, I think certain types of police officers should pass ONGOING jiu-jitsu, wrestling or some other form physical submission training. Due to the added risk of encountering blood born pathogens/bodily harm, cops should also get paid a hell of a lot more. People also need to teach their children to obey law enforcement. Do what they say and when they say it. Never put your hands on a cop during a confrontation. If you have a problem with the police, then you work to resolve the issue AFTER you’re done dealing with the police….NOT during the encounter. Instead, it seems like some people think they don't have to obey law enforcement when they feel the officers/s are wrong.
  8. Random Thoughts

    I can't wait till tomorrow! I hope the Falcon Heavy successfully launches and delivers Elon's Tesla Roadster to Mars's orbit!!!! He gives it a 50/50 chance of success so either way it will be exciting! lol
  9. Random Thoughts

    @Dave1985 Yeah I just never liked the sport...I just always found it boring...As far as the players disrespecting their country...that is pathetic. My dad and his siblings immigrated to the US from North Africa. One reason was because the government was corrupt as hell and dictated everything they could do... their president was in office for nearly 30 years and managed a 99% approval rating lol...After high school, the government told them what jobs they could apply for, how much income they were allowed to make, where they could live, what they could publicly say or not say and et cetera. The other reason was due to religious persecution. They could not get jobs, attend college and were denied housing simply because of their Christian faith. My dad's brother, who was a captain in the US army, recently had a party...calling it his " Coming to America party" It was celebrating his love for the US and when he became a citizen over 50 years ago. I really don't think some of those players have a clue as to how lucky they are to live in this country. Sure you can be disappointed or not approve of things but you should still recognize the opportunities, freedoms and privileges you have living in the states...if you can't respect your country, then leave. Go live somewhere else where you can show the proper respect. I hear Nigeria, North Korea or Aleppo are great this time of year .
  10. Random Thoughts

    Am I the only person on here who does not give a shit about the Superbowl ?....But I do love watching Baseball and Hockey.
  11. 1 I was a waiter for 28 years for religious reasons, however, I no longer believe in those religious reasons. So I could go both ways on waiting. If I met a women I wanted to marry and she was a waiter, I would have no problem waiting again. No, not for me. In fact it is easier for me to wait now that I have had sex. I think waiting and being a virgin is a lot more difficult. I have had one serious relationship and I consider that a partner...I asked her out of curiosity one day when we were together if she could have waited...she said she could have possibly waited but only if we got married within 6 months lol. Ultimately, she did not think she could hold out for that long. While I don’t consider dating someone a partner…they are similar. When I was a virgin waiter and dating, all but 2 of the Christian women I met on Christian Mingle and OKC immediately cut off all communication when I told them I was a virgin and had been waiting for marriage. No matter how well the dates went, I’d never hear back from them. However, Catholic women for some reason were far more receptive and willing to sit down and discuss the topic and did not cut off all communication…still not sure why that is? I will probably start dating soon and like I mentioned before, I can now go both ways on waiting. However, if the women I am dating is a waiter and wants to ONLY kiss, there is no way in hell that will be happening. I have an abnormally high sex drive and that would be hell for me to just stop at kissing…That would be like taking a recovering alcoholic to a free wine tasting lol. so she will be getting handshakes and high fives at the end of the night. If I was dating, DEFINITELY NO! It will have the opposite effect and make the relationship way more difficult. Having an extremely high drive clouds my thinking and judgement…It’s like being under the influence of a drug or alcohol. Having sex allows me to think clearly and level headed. I will not have the enormous distraction of trying to suppress the innate, biological drive to have sex. Ohhh gosh this question is what terrifies me about waiting. I don’t want my sex drive to have any influence on the most important decision of my life. It’s like that saying…Never make a decision when you’re angry...That’s because you don’t want your emotions to cloud your judgement when making critical decisions that require logic. My problem is I can’t lessen my drive and there are times when I just wish I could turn it off. When I was younger, I saw a few of my friends rush into marriage because they really needed to have sex and ended up marrying the wrong person. They even did pre-marriage counseling but in the end, they still got divorced. No. While I am mostly guessing on this part…I think some of sexual compatibility can be determined by talking about your ideas, views and expectations. You just have to be totally honest about everything when having this discussion and leave nothing out. I think this will give you a good idea of compatibility but by no means is it a guarantee. Sexual satisfaction would be the issue I would be more concerned about…Not necessarily my satisfaction because I’m super easy to please…But rather my hypothetical wife’s satisfaction because women can be a lot more difficult to sexually satisfy. I used to have a lot of female friends and coworkers and to my surprise, an alarming number of them were open about frequently cheating on their male counterparts or were very sexually frustrated but did not cheat. They often complained about how their partner met their emotional needs but was unable to satisfy their sexual needs…No matter how much they loved the guy, it just wasn’t enough. If I was going to marry a non-virgin waiter, it is important I meet her criteria/preferences for sexual satisfaction….If I do, then awesome! I have nothing to worry about…If I do not fit her criteria for satisfaction, then I also have nothing to worry about. I would simply move on and continue to looking for someone else. For me one major benefit I like in a non-virgin is the fact she knows her body and mind in a sexual capacity. She will know exactly what she needs from a man to be sexually satisfied. I would hate marrying a virgin and then find out later on in our marriage that I am not what she needs to experience true sexual satisfaction...And for the people that say stuff like..."She won't know what she's missing....bla bla bla" You have to be selfish as F*&! to think that way. Anyway, fortunately most women in the age range I would date are not virgins…so that massive unknown would be unlikely for me.
  12. So.....

    @Jasmine23 Same here. I made mine just for this site but that's also because my yahoo account was not receiving the confirmation email.
  13. A woman's voice

    Ummm lol you should probably be cautious of guys that like prepubescent traits...they are probably
  14. So.....

    I'm not sure if this post will go through...Myself and many other members have been unable to send, receive or post content...Many of us are on the Discord Server @Skald created. Here are the links to the server and the original post: