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    Hello all !!
  2. What to do ..?

    Hello all, Well there is something that is bothering me from some time. The thing is, my husband has been working in a private company form many years. He is a very short tempered and very straight forward person. So, he always ends up in problems and fights with everyone. Because of this behavior of this, he has earned a lot of enemies over these years at his workplace. His colleagues always try to create problems for him , because he always reports their misappropriations to the seniors. So, now, when they got a chance, they got some false proof against him, and even though he is innocent , he has been booked under the criminal law for committing fraud. I don’t know what to do and where to go. We don’t have much of relatives and friends, so no one to share my problem with. So, since it is a serious offence, I have approached a criminal defense lawyers,, and even though they have agreed to take up my case, and have assured that he will be proved innocent, I’m just still so worried. Me and kids don’t have anyone else, and we can’t live without him. I just hope and pray, that he comes out of this false accusation with a clean chit
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    I feel like having some ice cream ......