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  1. Greetings Everyone

    Hi Innocence. Welcome to the forum! Aw, don't be shy; we'd love to hear what you have to say.
  2. Practical Masculinity

    As per request, here is a brief outline of some traits I consider masculine (though not necessarily exclusively): Righteousness. The greatest men are virtuous, upstanding, honest men capable of the highest level of self discipline and self control. It is masculine to be honorable, principled, and independently follow a strict moral code. Nothing is more attractive to me than a righteous man who cannot be brought down or bought. Intention. Firm in convictions and values, discerning, resolute, always striking to the heart of the matter. I want to feel comparatively weak to a man, not because I am weak, but because of his unwavering strength in his identity, beliefs, and right course of action. A man should make me keenly aware I am a woman. Consistency. Possessing an even mood, outlook, personality, and temperament. Men lack the overt cyclic hormonal fluctuations of womanhood, and therefore ought to be a stabilizing force in a woman's life. The more consistent a man is, the more I respect him and feel comfortable around him. Presence. Composed, in control, and self reliant. Masculinity is noticeable, not in a flashy way, but through a calm confidence free from the desire to prove anything. There is no hint of desperation, needing approval, or requiring validation.
  3. Forgiveness will make you creative

    What you said reminds me of this:
  4. Practical Femininity

    Here is a brief outline of some qualities which, from my perspective, lend a sense of femininity: Grace. Includes gentleness, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity and devotion to loved ones. Knowing how to put others at ease and expressing genuine interest in their life and well being, which place attention on another besides oneself. I cannot think of another quality which greater epitomizes femininity. Elegance. Involves upholding a high code of ethics, observing proper etiquette/being polite, good posture, timeless style, attending to health and appearance. Some of these may seem more "shallow" or self centered on the surface but can indicate to others they are important to you, like dressing nice to a funeral, or eating well to live longer for your family. In short, elegance to me means living well. Tidiness. Knowing how, what and who to prioritize, managing time wisely, as well as keeping possessions clean and fresh. Contrary to the shopping example, I believe it's more feminine to not own much or spend beyond one's means. Simplicity in all areas of life signify a woman who is confident in who she is and what she wants. Youthful spirit. Possessing a novel crispness, positive attitude, playful sense of humor, and pleasant countenance throughout all stages of life. These are attractive and magnetic qualities at any age.
  5. Hi, Everyone: Date story

    Hi Amethyst Rose Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you had to go through this bad experience. I hope you find all the encouragement you need on the forum.
  6. Unfortunately this is true from my experience as well. There are many potential issues that can arise from dating with mismatched beliefs on saving oneself for marriage, even when the outward actions appear the same. I cannot imagine the trust level would be as high as between two committed waiters. If you date someone who is only "waiting for you," you'll wonder if one moment of weakness on your part would be all it would take because they are unlikely to stop you. In the case of a break up, you'll ponder how long before they find someone else to be intimate with. You may be disappointed to find they rapidly have sex with numerous individuals to move on from you and replenish what they "missed out" on while you were abstaining together. Perhaps the wait will be too much after a certain length of time and they'll break up with you for exclusively sexual reasons. I imagine all these kinds of ruminations would degrade the level of trust and closeness between a couple. Thank you for providing the excellent quotes. I really enjoyed them.
  7. Vegan Style and beautiful women

    Alright, I'll admit these were really funny.
  8. Hi Ariel Rose Welcome to the forum! Aw, don't give up. I'm sure you'll find someone who loves you and wants to wait, though it's important to be patient and keep to your beliefs. Do not "settle" for anyone in the meantime who won't gladly wait until marriage with you- you deserve the very best!
  9. Hello!

    Hi Lady Ackerman Welcome to the forum! Couple questions: What kind of law did you study? What is the name of your Clydesdale?
  10. Meow

    Hi Cheshire Welcome to the forum!
  11. Hi jchpnc Welcome to the forum! I am very sorry about the loss of your husband. I admire how you waited for your first marriage and would like to do so again.
  12. Relationship

    Hi Punkin Welcome to the forum!
  13. Hi Everyone!!

    Hi Jean Claude Welcome to the forum! What brought you to the US?
  14. Hi All

    Hi Red Fox Welcome back to the forum! I enjoyed talking with you in chat.
  15. A Frenchie!!!

    Hi SugarAndSpice Welcome to the forum!