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  1. Hi :) I'm new here

    Hi Haydee. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Hi, recently joined

    Hi Donna. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to reading any posts you decide to make.
  3. Random Thoughts

    I forgot to respond to this bit in my last post: You're assuming I don't already possess personal favor with the almighty admins that cannot be overcome with any amount of persuasion.
  4. Random Thoughts

    That does sound exciting if you're a Pavlovian dog. Sometimes I think "liking" a post you disagree with can give mixed signals unless you respond stating your opinion... which come to think of it, you always do I could read you a lot better in person, though I still understand you, but I just think others might not understand, like @Adam said.. and we could look like jerks or worse. I would find the opposite frightening. Maybe it's a compliment I'm at the top of your hit list.
  5. Random Thoughts

    @seabutterfly Hahaha. I like it! ... I feel like if I "like" one of your self-deprecating posts in which you say you're stupid then I'll be calling you stupid even though you're obviously not. What an atrocity! I will certainly contact the admins to have you banned or at the very least have your nonsense permanently removed. Uh oh. Somehow I think I'll be the first target...
  6. Random Thoughts

    Haha. It could still pan out! Based on the way this thread is going, I have until eternity to destroy happiness and spread my doom and gloom. Aww, it's definitely not your fault, seabutterfly! Perhaps there is some kind of meme for this situation?
  7. Random Thoughts

    Oops! Sorry, I knew you were joking around. I only meant it bothers me when people are quite serious about it and convince others to hold the same belief (like professors to students), as ideas are powerful. Nothing said here was anything like that at all. I thought your back and forth was really cute and funny. I'm sorry- I didn't mean to ruin the fun.
  8. Random Thoughts

    If there is no meaning to life, or the only meaning is "to be happy," then almost everyone elects to live a selfish life of self-gratification, greed, and unrelenting consumption. Yet, if the meaning of life is to live for God, for others, or even righteousness itself, then you potentially have a completely different world. That's why I don't like it when people say there is no meaning or that we are just "specks of dust floating in space;" I think it dehumanizes us. I think if the mice are people in the analogy, and they know and can comprehend their purpose, then yes it would change the course of the "experiment" because it would alter behavior. I also think in regard to humanity, the purpose is relevant to each individual.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Hehe. But the meaning of life changes how to live, not whether or not to live.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Hahaha. I'm glad you understood me.
  11. Random Thoughts

    Oh, you were talking about time... I thought you were talking about this thread.
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hi arabella. Welcome to the forum. I understand you are very young, so I'd like to caution you to be careful what you say. Rape is very real and existent to those who experience it. Even in the United States, the statistics are still depressing in my opinion, especially considering any number above zero is too high. It's a far cry from "non-existent." I knew a girl in college who was brutally raped in a parking garage (in America). There are people (from America) reading your words on this forum who have been raped. Individual trauma is the same regardless where it occurs. Suffering of one does not diminish the suffering of another in supposed comparison. Anyway, I promise I'm not trying to be negative; clearly your post has been well received. I think it's inspiring to see young people committed to waiting.
  13. Me

    Hi CosmicClass. Welcome. To. The. Forum
  14. Values your parents taught you

    Welcome back, @CrystalFaerie! Now for my answers... Values or beliefs my parents have passed on to me which I intend to keep and pass on: Highest regard for telling the truth, honesty Loyalty Belief in equality of all people Prioritizing education, reading and engagement in life-long learning Love of nature and the outdoors, and gentle treatment of animals Financially living within one's means and supporting family members No alcohol consumption, smoking or recreational drug use Respect for the law Vulgar language is unbecoming and a bad attitude is ugly Philanthropy (more from grandparents) Punctuality and discipline Values and approaches I discovered independently and would also like to pass on: Christian values and not taking any of it for granted Critical and independent thinking Humility and tolerance Waiting until marriage Nonviolent world view Simple living, non-consumerism, minimalist mindset Loving without expectation and demonstrating love through external actions, words, and behavior Gracious manners, not to impress but to put others at ease Modest dress and only viewing materials that uphold this standard Appreciation of the classics and great people; exposure to good role models I never had Prioritizing health above other forms of success It seems I want to pass on these values because I want my children, if I have any, to be better than I am and have a significantly higher quality of life than I did. I think my parents wanted the same for myself and my sibling but more in outward, academic accomplishments and intellectual development whereas my emphasis would first be on uncompromising good character combined with critical thinking.
  15. I am not waiting because I am single. I am waiting until marriage and will wait through every relationship until that point. I would let go of any relationship in which I felt my partner was seriously pressuring me to have sex because they "cannot wait." I would not give in. I am waiting until marriage.