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  1. Totally! I still live at home, so I'd be such a hypocrite for holding that against a guy who did the same. Plus, I don't see men living at home as a bad thing. People have their reasons why and I think if someone did have a problem with it, they might want to find out why he is, before passing judgment. There are a lot of sound reasons why a guy would still live at home.
  2. Give me a pastor to marry us Give me my husband-to-be I'll be there too. My mother and someone else... Happily married! Never was into the wedding thing. Too much planning, too much work, hate huge crowds. Just our commitment and romance is great for me. That would mean so much more to me than the event itself. So I do want a wedding, but I'm very happy with a teeny tiny one like in "Runaway Bride" at the end.
  3. 1) Would you marry a man knowing that you would not be first in his life? For example, if his profession took precedence in his life would you be ok with that? I would only marry a man in which God was put first. Occasionally work might have to come first, so that's understandable. I'm a bit of a workaholic myself, so I can understand the need to be driven, but at the core of it all, I wouldn't want it to be a lifestyle. It's hard to maintain a relationship with two people if one person is missing from it too often. 2) How important is sex in a marriage? Like if he didn't have a very high sex drive would that change the way you felt about him? I think a high sex drive would be important to me or an average sex drive. Someone with a low sex drive might feel pressured by someone with higher needs, unless they found a unique way to work together to satisfy both ends of the equation. Like maybe one month the husband could kick it up a notch for his wife and the month after the wife could tone it down. That's a good alternative, but that seems like it could cause strain with some personality types. I don't believe I'd care for the low sex drive personally. I would get too sensitive, I think, and feel like I was asking for it too much. I'm pretty sure I'd start to think it was a chore for him. I would communicate those feelings, but I'm not sure it would resolve the issues that might crop up from the different sex drive rhythms. 3) Would you ever live and raise children in another country? Why or why not? I would live and raise children in another country if I liked it. I'm a traveler. I like working on different projects and it's very likely I won't sit still throughout a great deal of my life. I think my husband would have to have the same mentality--be willing to be transient like I was. God is leading me to do things that require that I move around a lot, so traveling will be a fact of life for me.
  4. For me it's a mixture of going out and doing the things I've always dreamed of--getting out in the world and really being proactive about being the woman I've always wanted to be, working on my weaknesses with the Lord, and learning to be a better woman for God. I feel like He may make that connection happen that way. I also have in mind to put myself out there with a dating site like eharmony and match.com when I believe I'm capable of being a great spouse in God's eyes. I prefer a method that's quite thorough with dating sites, so I would pay for a dating site to do some matching verses free sites that mainly have me pick from a large pool of people that don't fit me. I'd rather have the dating site do some initial matches based on commonalities and then pick from that pool of options. So for me it's about making sure that I do my part but that I also give God complete control to make it happen in whatever way He wants. I'm in my late 30s, so it's possible God may not have it in mind for me to marry. However, I'll put myself out there when time is right and let Him make the ultimate decision. Additionally, I don't have many friends, but if I had any I would possibly consider meeting someone through a friend. Open to events too, as to me that's a part of getting out there being me and enjoying myself flying solo and then God can do his "magic" or not. Either way I want to enjoy life to the fullest. If I had to go by my spirit, I think I'll meet my husband when I'm not looking. When I'm being me and just flying free!