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    Hi, My name is Julie. I have been called by God to Radical Purity. I am 36 years old, still a virgin, and have never had a boyfriend. I have a ministry page on Facebook for Radical Purity, God's Way. I have been a Christian since High School, truly, but I have been raised in church. The Lord has watched over me and protected me in so many ways, I couldn't begin to name them all. I love photography, writing, reading, drawing, singing...well, most all creative things. I have been employed in government for over 16 years and so I am only 9 years away from retirement, which is yet another way that God had provided for me. I returned to college last fall and I enter the bachelor of social work program this fall. I should graduate with my BSW in Spring 2018, which is exciting. I plan to go on to my Master's and eventually my Doctorate. I want to open up a teen girls home for young ladies in foster care that do not desire to be adopted. My goal is to give them a safe environment to consider the pros and cons of adoption versus aging out and to give them a place to return to for holidays or college breaks or stressful times...a place to call home. I just found this page, which is ironic since I've been focused on purity for over 10 years. I'm looking forward to meeting some people who believe as firmly as I do in the value of purity. I have a feeling that God's timing to move me forward into His call at a deeper level is here.