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  1. 2 keys in marriage preparation: Fasting and Prayer

    Some things only come by fasting and prayer....yaaaass! This is how I am about work but gonna do this for the husband to be as well!
  2. Hello From North Carolina

    Hi Joshua. Most of my family is from NC...!
  3. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Usually the assumption of staying at home in the US is a bad one! People assume all negatives of staying at home especially for a guy but it would make me a hypocrite since I still live at home too. However, it really depends on the circumstances. I stay with my parents because it is very expensive to live on my own and realistically it would not make sense due to my student loan debt. I stayed home to also help out my mother who is disabled and I pay a living expense while staying with my parents. In other cultures, it is actually okay to stay with your parents until you're married or even when you get married--your parents can live with you. Most of my friends of different cultures still stay home even though they have decent careers, are in grad school, or have money to move. So it depends on the situation. My friend is a music teacher and musician, he lived with his parents up until the day he got married (this past weekend) and he is my age! So I don't really think it matters. He now has his own condo with his new wife. I don't think its anything wrong with staying with your folks if you are working towards your own plans or saving towards paying off school loans, home ownership/etc. Getting into the culture of mass consumerism--at this point I'm okay if I don't have a wedding as long as I have a place with my future husband to call home, I'm fine.
  4. Having children?

    Between #1 and the moment I'm #2 but I'm sure I will reach #1 when I meet the one God has for me.
  5. Guys with long eye lashes

    I'm late but its very attractive imo...! My twin brother looks like he has false eyelashes lol...slightly annoyed I need mascara to attain the same look.
  6. Dating for Virgins

    Hello Everyone, I'm a 30 yr. old virgin from NJ and I was completely unaware communities like this existed. It is great! I am a born-again believer and plan to wait until marriage. I have only had one serious relationship which ended years ago. Also, I kissed dating goodbye for a couple of years now but would like to start dating again for the purpose of LTR that leads to marriage obviously. A question I have for the dating virgins on here--do you let the person you're dating know right away that you are a virgin or do you wait until the right time to divulge that information?
  7. How to know if this man is THE good one for me?

    This was very insightful! Thanks for sharing!