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  1. Hi, I'm a Christian freelance Graphic Designer who recently relocated to finish school and build a life for myself. I've always been an optimistic and hopeful person but the past few months I've started to feel down about my decision and the way the world works as a whole. I'm not down with how the world views sex as nothing. By the grace of God I stumbled upon this site and I'm absorbing all I can. With each page I read my hope tank is definitely being refilled. (Imagining an E tank from Megaman but with "H" instead, haha.) I honestly didn't think anyone cared to wait anymore. The world paints this picture of casual sex culture and that it does no damage and you pay no consequences. It's very disheartening. I saw no value in my virginity. I initially waited because I was a very shy guy and didn't talk to women. I had low self-esteem until I was about 18. Thankfully I'm not that way anymore. Now I'm waiting because I see how sex bonds you with people and the damage it can cause when not used in marriage. (Thanks I only want to share that part of myself (no pun intended.) with the right girl. It's still not easy but it's things like this that keep hope alive and reinforces my decision. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had a similar experience or if you just want to say hey. Bonus pts if you're located in Eastern PA. I moved recently so I don't know many people yet but I'm outgoing and looking for ways to socialize. I am Christian but I'm open-minded and don't judge anyone. I sincerely thank all of those responsible for this. The world needs this in the worst way. Godspeed