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    I am a bohemian soul in search of solace. I love travelling and clicking pictures. I find peace in random painting and writing. And love watching films...I feel they are closest to magic amongst everything real. Also I love to sing..but not a trained one !

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  1. I am from India. So I speak my native language Bengali. Apart from that we are taught to speak English and national language Hindi at school and college level. I have also learnt basic Spanish. But given a chance I would choose Italian. I have seen so many Italian movies, it sounds beautiful.
  2. What are you reading?

    Agatha Christie. Relieving my childhood days with it....
  3. Your Thoughts on "Players"...

    I think players are the people who are single-handedly abusing the notion of love. I mean it's fine if they are "fooling around"with those people who believe in the same thing. But it's completely wrong when they break someone's heart. It's a devastating experience for those people and it takes a hell lot of time to get the broken pieces together.
  4. Special section for Singles over 25

    A 25+ section would be great.
  5. The thing is in the end it's the devotion and loyalty for each other which matter. It really doesn't matter whether one is getting married following all the rituals or not. Personally speaking, I would love to have a very small ceremony surrounded by only those I love.
  6. I have never been very religious. But I am spiritual and I live my life on my own terms and conditions. I have decided to wait on principle. I believe love happens only once. I don't even take random chances just because someone likes me or I find someone attractive. I always try to talk and know that person. His beliefs, likes and dislikes, ethics and things he takes a stand for matter to me most. I haven't found the one I can love and respect at the same time, so never been in love. Said no to many guys. But I have no regrets. I will rather wait for the right one than be with someone who is not meant for me.
  7. Hopeful, Optimistic & Waiting for Ms. Right

    Hello, I totally agree with you. I have been waiting to meet the right guy. I have said no to so many because they shared different beliefs regarding love and sex. I don't equate sex with morality. But I believe it must happen when you have completely fallen in love with someone and decide to spend the rest of your life with that particular person. It's sad that most people think otherwise these days.
  8. Hi everyone

    Thanks a lot everyone
  9. Hello! So happy to find this community!

    Welcome. Such a relief to find this community!
  10. Hi everyone

    Hey, I am Madhupriya from India. I am 25 years old. Good to know there are people like me all over the world. Such rare people we are ! I am so glad to be here