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  1. Random Thoughts

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  2. Looking for a wife to be

    Welcome to the forum. You could find a wife here perhaps, but it isn't the sole purpose of the website
  3. personal introduction

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  4. I am new here from Ghana

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  5. 2MetresAbove is is here!

    Welcome to the forum. 27 ?- Don't despair, there is still plenty of time to find a wife!
  6. Total Lunar Eclipse

    For those of you on the West Coast don't miss this:
  7. Net Neutrality.

    Net neutrality wasn't enacted until February 2015. I don't think anyone noticed anything different from before then till now. This website existed before that as well. In other words, net neutrality was only official policy for less than 3 years. 2014 was not the dark ages, now will tomorrow be either.
  8. Esperando la fortuna real

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  9. Hi Everyone

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  10. Net Neutrality.

    " This site has given me so much, I came here because of one really bad night with depression. As soon as I found the forums I instantly felt elated. I felt like I could love myself again. So thank you to everyone I have interacted with, remember that you matter. Even if we never even talked thank you, because at one point I probably read a post or stalked your page because I was bored. Or maybe I didn't even do that, but your sheer existence enabled a community to stay alive and grow so that I could one day find it. I pray for you guys a lot, and that won't stop whether or not net neutrality is repealed or not. Love you all " -That's very sweet of you! But don't worry about the net neutrality issue. The 'worst' likely thing that might come out of its repeal is maybe having to pay a little bit more for a video streaming subscription if you have such.
  11. Don't be worried at all about not having had a boyfriend before. I'm sure that any guy who is interested in marriage would find that as very appealing. If a guy didn't like that, then I think they probably have impure motives. I'm not Catholic so I cannot vouch for the Catholic Match website. However, I know that on, there are questions that you can answer about waiting till marriage, etc. That way you can instantly 'eliminate' those who do not share your values. I think a website with questions like that is much better than other types. I have seen on a religious dating site where people would say how they love God and church so much, etc. However, I would see their profile on and see that they were not waiting till marriage at all. I don't think you should list not having had any boyfriends on a dating page profile though (you might get responses from a lot of guys who just think that you are desperate ), but certainly don't hesitate to talk about it if it came up in conversation.
  12. I need advice

    It is my observation that relationships that begin in high school rarely extend many years beyond it, usually terminating in college or before it even starts. Therefore, I wouldn't be too concerned about the present relationship. Given how upset you are by the situation, I don't think there is much chance of being happy in this relationship. Despite what society says, you are perfectly entitled to have the feelings and thoughts that you do about the relationship. It is not wrong in the least. A relationship should be mutually beneficial, but it seems that you are not benefiting from it at present. I suppose you have to think about what you can accept or not accept in a boyfriend. Either way, it seems suspicious that your boyfriend would publicly display a photo/photos of him and his former girlfriend. At the very least, that is not considerate of him. Him just saying that he 'regretted it' doesn't sound like he really means it either.
  13. hey

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  14. New member

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