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  1. Just thought of sharing my experience

    There have been a variety of "intro" posts that have been made on the forum like that . Each one has a link to some business or service.
  2. Just thought of sharing my experience

    I believe it is an advertisement disguised as an "intro"
  3. I would definitely still wait even if I were to turn away from religion. There is a definitely a religious component to waiting for me. However, it is also something that makes perfect sense to me. Waiting is the natural product of my religious, philosophical, and personal views. Just on a purely "self-serving" level, waiting protects my mind and body. If I turned away from religion, I would not take up smoking, drinking, or drugs. In the same way, I would not have relations outside of marriage.
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  5. New for now single and for Christ

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  6. I'm glad to have found this site!

    Welcome to the forum. Yes, no reason to feel of less value because of waiting; quite the opposite.
  7. Hello, WTM

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  8. How pets affect your dating/love life!- The more pets you have the worse your dating life is I really find it a turn off when someone is really obsessed with their pets (fur babies as some call them ) I would really prefer that someone I was dating didn't have pets, or at the very least that those pets aren't ones that require much time and care. If I ever get pets it will be after I get married and settled. A pet may wear a leash, but a pet owner is also on a leash too- a pet owner's mobility and freedom is restricted because they have to take care of their pets.
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  10. 10 months late...

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  11. A lot of words

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  12. Not new but still waiting.

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  13. As of midnight tonight, the temporary chatroom that I set up will expire. It was a 30 day trial offer. I hoped that the official chatroom would be up and running again by now. Hopefully, I can get a replacement one up this weekend.
  14. Hello Everyone!

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