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  1. Hello everyone! I came upon an interesting idea a while ago when reading. The idea was that due to demands and expectations in the present world, the chance of people waiting till marriage has been greatly reduced. For instance, in the past, people would likely marry at a younger age like right after high school or such. They would be told that they have to wait till marriage, but they would be encouraged towards marriage and marriage was something well within sight even before their 20's. However today, at least for a number of people in families that teach WTM, they have extra demands placed upon them. They not only have to wait, but they have to wait to get married till they fulfill a series of criteria: finish school, get a high paying career, etc. It seems that some people then view waiting till marriage as being near impossible as the possibility of marriage itself seems like a long ways off. What are your thoughts?
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    Hmmm... It is working on my end. Maybe it was just a temporary situation? Although not everything on the page is accurate -there is still that "Group Chat" banner at the top right of the page. There hasn't been a scheduled group chat since before I joined the site. And sadly the official chat room has been down for nearly a year. At least there is the discord page though.
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    Net neutrality wasn't enacted until February 2015. I don't think anyone noticed anything different from before then till now. This website existed before that as well. In other words, net neutrality was only official policy for less than 3 years. 2014 was not the dark ages, now will tomorrow be either.
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