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    Welcome to the forum I can only imagine how hard it is if your own parents and family do not support you in this There certainly is little support in society for waiting, but at least I always knew I was right. My family and the few friends I had were also on the same page as me. I hope you can meet some new friends that respect you.
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  12. Well said Amber. Unfortunately there are guys like that who sleep around, but yet they only want to marry a virgin The word 'hypocritical' doesn't even come close...
  13. I disagree. I think it absolutely is your business. All morality, emotions, and feelings aside; there are other components that cannot be overlooked. There is always the concern of venereal diseases or children they might have. There are a number of guys who are surprised years later when they find out they fathered an out of wedlock child. People can change, though most don't change for the better. Someone may have genuinely changed for the better, but this does not alter some circumstances or realities.