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  3. That's awful S & S. That is a terribly hateful and untrue thing for a father to tell his daughter. It used to be expected that a father would be protective of his daughter. A guy who will not wait does not really love his girlfriend so you are not missing out there at all. I don't think I've ever stated outright to my parents that I am a virgin. But I think they have probably deduced it from other things I've said and such. I certainly don't have any embarrassment about it though. Being from a religious household, I guess you could just say it's just the norm for me so it's never really come up as a topic of discussion.
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  5. "I even heard God give me a word about him." "I was hoping to find a virgin but I know this is the man that God has for me." I know I sound pessimistic, but I am always cynical towards statements like these. I had a friend who said that God told him something similar. My friend said that God told him that the girlfriend he had at the time was going to be his wife. They ended up breaking up and she is now married to someone else. I wish you well, but I think one needs to be careful that they don't confuse emotional thinking for religious revelation.
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    Welcome to the forum I can only imagine how hard it is if your own parents and family do not support you in this There certainly is little support in society for waiting, but at least I always knew I was right. My family and the few friends I had were also on the same page as me. I hope you can meet some new friends that respect you.
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