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  1. Complicated Situation

    Going out and meeting people can be a pain, but I feel a lot better when I have been doing it, even if most of the people aren't those I'd want to be friends with. What helps me most is to join a group that's working toward a goal, usually a goal of improving at a skill. You don't have to be friends or hang out with these people outside of meetings/class if you don't want to, but it feels really good to meet people who are invested in your personal growth, and to become invested in theirs. And it may be that you end up liking some of the people enough to ask least go for food afterward and chat about life. I've found that having common goals and supporting each other in meeting them creates a stronger foundation for friendship (if you want it) than just going out. Find a group with a positive, supportive atmosphere that's working on something you find interesting - and stick with it (although that means if the group isn't for you, recognize it and try another)!! Ultimately, when you get to working on long-term improvement with a bunch of nice, supportive people, despite whatever differences you may have, you will likely feel a LOT less like dying. Trust me. Keep up going to your therapist, talk with him/her about any changes in your moods or frequency of suicidal thoughts, but definitely also combat your social isolation in a way that's manageable for you (and this may a manageable way for you).
  2. I've met a couple Christian guys who are waiting/waited until marriage, but they're just friends (obvious incompatibilities prevented anything more). I haven't gone to church much in the last few years, because it's hard to find a decent one (where it doesn't feel like just a dying social club)... I should try harder, though. Anyway, at least guys are calling you - it sucks when they don't even put forth any effort! I'm basically in the same boat. Had to break up with my recent boyfriend because even though I was apparently one of only a few women he could see himself marrying and having a family with someday, his way of getting there involved me staying over, then maybe us moving in together, and then maybe if things were going well then get engaged. I was like, no. Either you value me and what I have to offer, or no. I really don't have time for that ish, and even if I did I wouldn't put up with it! Guy didn't even know what he wanted in a wife! I asked him, and he gave some reasonable responses, but then told me he hadn't even considered the question before I asked him. How the hell can a person choose a mate if they don't know what they want in one??? No wonder so many go the "oh, we'll see and just have fun in the meantime" route. They were clearly not asked this question EVER. Parents, take heed - teach your children what to look for a in a mate so they don't end up screwing around and wasting time and being general disappointments like that guy! Wish I could offer help. A male friend of mine, much much older, has suggested I start running 5Ks to meet decent guys (he's a runner); there's no correlation between running and waiting, but in theory, the more guys I meet, the more guys who have their ish together and know what they want in life I'll meet? I guess I'll increase my treadmill speed and see if it helps.
  3. Hey from new york!

  4. Fictional Crush?

    Also glad I'm not the only one who ever found Vegeta attractive. Not that I would do anything about it, but uhhh, yeah.
  5. Fictional Crush?

    LOL yes, Green Ranger FTW! I actually have a tiiiny thing for Thorin Oakenshield, even though the entire time I'm yelling at the screen for him to pull the stick out of his butt and take a Xanax... check out the same actor in North and South (if you love Pride and Prejudice, you'll probably love N&S), and maybe this will make a little more sense. Aragorn is a bit more "chill" as far as intense LOTR warriors go, though, so he would make a better partner. Not much wrong with Legolas, either. Oh yes, and Worf from Star Trek.
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    Could I please have access to the Girls Only section?
  7. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    A job. I would like him to have a job. One that's legal. One with which he could support a family so we have options for childcare and education (homeschooling isn't my first choice, but I'm a teacher so I definitely could, and I want to choose whatever is best for each of our kids, based on their individual needs). And preferably, one he feels fulfilled doing.
  8. Obviously, the problem is that Tim asked out the wrong woman (Bro, right here - c'mon!).
  9. "The One God Has for You" vs. Free Will

    Since God knows all of us, he's got to know who I'd be compatible with, and where those guys are, and if one of them in particular would be most compatible... just sayin', if God were to get bored, he could start the most successful dating service ever.
  10. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    The manly one, if I had to choose. Why? Zombie apocalyse - always be prepared. That said, manly guys have feelings, too, and you might be surprised how many of them want to talk about them, even if they struggle with it. (If course, if he wants to do it ALL the TIME, I'ma have to punch him in his sensitive little face, because no.) And since when is loving literature not manly? There are SO many manly works of literature, by men (in fact, I thought we had more than a few great works written by "dead white guys," many of whom did plenty of manly things in their lives...)
  11. Pottermore Sorting Hat!

    Gryffindor, 91%. This quiz gave me Hufflepuff as second, which is weird, because it's usually my Ravenclawish tendencies that fight with my Gryffindorish ones on these quizzes. Eh, what can I say? I'm a cuddler.
  12. Greetings From Texas

    Yay, another Texan!!!
  13. I second the martial arts suggestion. It'll help you earn self-esteem, and you'll carry yourself more confidently.
  14. Hey, Y'all

    Thanks, glad to be here!