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  1. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    NOT!! now everybody hates me
  2. Hello everyone!

  3. Well, I too am not married but don't see the need for long term relationship or engagement, unless there was some good enough reason why marriage should wait.
  4. hello

  5. Who am I?

  6. Pet Peeves

    when a guy doesn't understand that a girl is hitting on him. like, Dude, does she have to punch U?
  7. Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the community.
  8. Random Thoughts

    after all I've been through, the mistakes I've made, the sins I committed, there's still this one God who remains faithful to me. I'll be forever grateful
  9. the youngest would be 2years older than I am and the oldest would be 10years older. on a rare occasion I might even date as old as forty-five as long as he dont look forty-five and tired...hehe but then I would first have to move away from my family or they will never accept
  10. Random Thoughts

    freedom is bae!!!
  11. My Boring Story

    Hey vsaxena! Welcome to the community
  12. Hello All!

  13. There's alot I would like to know, like how my actions today positively or negatively affects my future, how happy and satisfied I am with what I will have, if it is going to be anything like I Imagined, how many lives I am able to change positively........and so on...

    Oh tnx, it helped. I was jst worried she would lost her job if I go on with it and that made me wonder if it was the right thing to do.

    Can somebody please throw more light on this topic? I taught I knew all the rules to obey until four years ago when I heard about restitution for the first time and the person said if there was any sin not restituted that one would not make heaven. I was very religious at the time and didn't want to miss anything so I started to think seriously' I could not remember anything to restitute since I hardly took anything from people without asking, except my mum, I taught whatever was hers was mine since I am her only daughter and she's my only mother(ok rubbish) but here's my question, is restitution as important as they say it is? what and what should be restituted? I ask because Iwant to know if I've been ignoring an important rule might have put myself in a position where i need to restitute again(I cant believe I put my friend before God!).
  16. A friend told me there is no such thing as falling in love, that we all just choose to love. explaining that, a man enters a room filled with people, there are lots of ladies but he became attracted to only one. What makes her different from other ladies in the room is because he choose her for a fact that she meets his requirement for a partner. and I kind of believe that, (but no such thing as falling in love?)
  17. "The One God Has for You" vs. Free Will

    I don't believe in the idea that there is one right person. if that is the case how come a widow or widower can find true love again? and some people have married their so-called "will of God" because their pastor told them he/she is the one or because they saw what they taught was a sign and ended up with regrets.
  18. U'll forgive my writing skills, I dint take my english classes seriously and dis is hw I pay for it. I learnt abt old marriage traditions in my place that sounded amazing nd weird. Those days in my village, when a woman is to get married the husband would walk her round the village half naked, lame righ? I think so too. Their reason being dat back then women were taught to give so much value to their body the teacher forgot to make an exemption of their husband, so even after marriage they still would not let their husband touch them or even see them naked. After many complains from men who married from there, it was decided that to break that mentality from her the husband would walk her round the village undressed with no bra, just pants and lots of beads on her waist the day before the wedding. In most villages the familly accepts a husband in her behalf, collect d pride price and just send d lady to the husband or he comes to pick her whatever the arrangement. In a friends village I was told that d man waylays his bride (he may arrange with her family or not) cos she would not readily accept. (girls are married off at age 16,17,18..) and then goes to her family to pay d bride pice. These are the few I remember. Anyoneelse knows of marriage trads. like these?
  19. new here

    yea; still trying
  20. new here

    hi everyone; new here, still dont knw how to put up a profile pic or even update my profile. did i miss something
  21. What is your dream guy?

    Hmm,He would be God fearing, have a good sense of humour and very humble, like 2face Idibia..hehe. Every other thing follows
  22. This is Frustrating

    ok, I'll be patient, in hope that its all just temporary. Thanks alot
  23. This is Frustrating

    Is there a forum for complains? cos I av them. On top of the fact that i can't access the chat room, successfully change my profile picture among other things, now I get logged out every few minutes and I don't know the cause but its frustrating. Admin to the GO forum please grant me access, I sent U a message but there was no response. do I make a topic with the name to get your attention...............*thinking