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  1. Thank you all for the wonderful replies, i hate the world is right now and I don't want to end up like everyone else and sex becoming a meaningless thing. What got to me recently is that I dated a guy over the summer to move on from my ex boyfriend and the guy had such lack of respect for me and his ex girlfriends (who both only slept with one person) he told me all of his relationships were based on sex and lust so I thought this is all that's gonna be available to me since I've slept with a guy like his ex girlfriends did. New did speak about that kind of thing a lot and I even considered sex with him (which is feel absolutely sick about!) and freaked out and told him I didn't want to as it should be something special, he ignored me completely after I said this and had the cheek to contact me two months later (which I ignored and blocked his number) I'm not sure where you are all from but a lot of guys are like this, he was almost ridiculing me for my views and almost trying to justify sex out of a relationship. I tried online dating once but after this experience I gave up quickly and deleted my profile after a few weeks because most guys on there ARE bad. Maybe years ago it would easy to find someone to marry and settle with but I am sick of hearing the "I don't want a relationship" line. The joke is I want more than a relationship I want marriage. How hard does it have to be?!
  2. Hi everyone these comments have been really helpful. In all honesty I am a CRAP liar, in fact I could never lie to someone I love. What is disturbing is loads of people actually lie about their history who are my age (most have slept with 7-10 people). Thanks Geraldine for some good examples because this is what I need! I have seen so much negativity in terms of relationships. This post stems from me seeing so many girls get used by guys and some are actually left single and abandoned now and they can't find anyone due to their reputation and I was scared that this was what I am becoming. I felt like my mistake ruined my life to the point where I would never settle, move on and be happy. Oh and not to mention hymenoplasty costs thousands. I just don't want my ex to ruin my life any more and to ruin my future relationships, I've met so many crap guys too, I've had bets done on my for my virginity and suffered all kinds of verbal abuse. In your opinions, do you think there is a limit? Meaning how many men would a woman have to sleep with not be classed as marriage material? When does this actually become an issue for you guys?
  3. This is a sensitive subject and has got me down, a lot! In fact it has made me extremely depressed. I made the choice to wait till marriage after losing it to somebody I thought I would be with for a very long time and spend my life with ended up dumping me many times and coming back, I tried to make it work since he was my first and when it finally ended I found out he started a new relationship with someone else behind my back. Ever since I feel like I have no value no I lost the thing that is worth the most to me, I feel like I would have NOTHING to give to my next partner (if I ever find anyone else) and most of all I don't think ANY man would wait for me or love me because im not pure anymore. After all nobody wants soiled and damaged goods right? I would like to hear some success stories on people who did wait who did make a mistake previously in their lives and some opinions on this. A lot of females get used and catch STDS in my area and before when I was a Virgin I was better than them, now I feel like I'm just as bad as these loose females and that nobody would want to commit to me. When people say virginity does not matter it only does not matter to promiscuous people, I don't want people like this in my life. I am even thinking of getting hymenoplasty done to fix things and to feel valuable again and I even considered lying to my new partner about my past because it's the only way I'll ever find pure love and a decent marriage nowadays. I don't want to spend my life having pointless sex and being used like everyone else. I am so depressed over this, would any guy wait for a woman in my position? Is it worth waiting?