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  1. I believe depression and other mental disorders are 21st century plague (and it is the first reason of popularity of online pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy Online . One with depression needs serious support from family and friends, any medications won't substitute love and warmth from beloved people, I know this from my own experience.
  2. Legalized Recreational Marijuana

    In my opinion legalisation of medical cannabis oil, and sale from government controlled outlets, removes people from the influence of heroin and crack dealers. It definitely has fewer side effects and does less harm than alcohol or tabacco.
  3. Legalized Recreational Marijuana

    I have been using marijuana for medical purposes, but having lost my job recently, I understand I will have pass pre-employment drug test. Does anybody know for how lond marijuana stays in a homan body? Also are detoxing drinks effective. I found some info here, but would like to hear your thoughts.
  4. I personally have some anxiety issues. To somehow deal with it, I work out a lot to angry music. Just try to transform that negative energy into something productive. Believe it or not it makes an anormous difference. Also I started taking anti-anxiety pills (supplied by Canada drugs) due to very bad panic attacks and depression. Those two methods are absolutely effective for reducing my anxiety in tough situations. Not to overpay, I order my pills online
  5. Eating Healthy and Exercising!

    Hi there:) Personally, I always eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly with cardio and weights. All this helps me stay active and look good. I often read some informative resources on healthy lifestyle/sports like ออกกำลังกาย . It's a great magazine with brilliant topics and articles – finally a magazine for professionals that gives useful info and not ‘fillers'
  6. I like playing to take my mind off things and to occupy my time. The questions can be sometimes challenging enough to keep me concentrated without getting bored, and easy enough that you don't become too frustrated and no longer want to play.
  7. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    I hate much makeup on my face. For me.. makeup is strictly for the nightclub.. a musical performance.. or a job interview. For everyday life all I use is a tinted moisturer ( find out what I mean here) and Mascara. It's kind of fresh and real looking. Allows natural beauty to stand out.
  8. Hair care tips.

    Personally, I have pretty long, thick hair so I'm looking for something that will heat up quickly, make my hair shiny (and not frizzy) and is easy to use all round. I've done some Googling and found reviews on most popular Flat Irons , but still need some real recommendations based on the real experience. What would you recommend to go for?
  9. Facial Hair

    I have been growing mine since around January. I like it and can't see me ever being rid of it! My beard's probably around 3/4 inches long now, and I get it trimmed usually monthly to keep it tidy. These recommendations also help . Also I consider myself a lucky dog to have found a decent bear trimmer
  10. Birth control/condoms as a married man or woman

    Ladies, it all actually depends on your body type. Every women reacts differently to the same birth control pills. I have been using Yasmin pills for over a year as birth control pills, and I should admit it works perfectly. You can find info on these pills on Canada Drugs . It describes all the possible side effects.
  11. web design

    I’m quite new to web design! I'm looking for a business website (I have recently opened a small cafe) Is it possible to build a professionally looking website without having any coding experience? For example if I use a ready made theme by TemplateMonster , will I be able to customize it on my own?
  12. Female Body Hair

    I hate female body hair! Being a female, I have gone through 12 hair removal sessions ( ) . Now I'm totally hairless, except for my head:)
  13. Yeap, I do find men with long hair sexy! BUT only if it is neat!!! If hair is trimmed and beautifully styled, then why not let it be long?! Here is a resource with really cool ideas on how to style men's long hair in nice ways - .
  14. I'm 29 single Christian guy too! It seemed extremely difficult to find a Christian girl to share my interests with. A good friend of mine recommended me to use . Online dating sites are matching guys and girls up according to personality, religion, and preferences, sexuality etc. It helps narrow down the options and gives you a better chance of relationship success. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  15. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    "Lion" is a film that made my eyes swollen from crying so much. It's incredible and unforgettable story. Btw, it's worth watching in HD ( ). It's very touching.... Based on a true story, btw.