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  1. web design

    I’m quite new to web design! I'm looking for a business website (I have recently opened a small cafe) Is it possible to build a professionally looking website without having any coding experience? For example if I use a ready made theme by TemplateMonster , will I be able to customize it on my own?
  2. Female Body Hair

    I hate female body hair! Being a female, I have gone through 12 hair removal sessions ( ) . Now I'm totally hairless, except for my head:)
  3. Yeap, I do find men with long hair sexy! BUT only if it is neat!!! If hair is trimmed and beautifully styled, then why not let it be long?! Here is a resource with really cool ideas on how to style men's long hair in nice ways - .
  4. I'm 29 single Christian guy too! It seemed extremely difficult to find a Christian girl to share my interests with. A good friend of mine recommended me to use . Online dating sites are matching guys and girls up according to personality, religion, and preferences, sexuality etc. It helps narrow down the options and gives you a better chance of relationship success. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  5. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    "Lion" is a film that made my eyes swollen from crying so much. It's incredible and unforgettable story. Btw, it's worth watching in HD ( ). It's very touching.... Based on a true story, btw.
  6. Blonde highlights on a guy? Yes? No?

    These blobde highlights look quite attractive downloaded via
  7. Fave Girl Hairstyles

    I like girls with curly or wavy hair
  8. I remember that feeling of total frustration. Don`t give up, and finally you`ll meet her!
  9. If you would be a celebrity...

    Probably yes
  10. Hi everybody!!!

    I`m Robby! Nice to meet you all!