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    I'm a game designer and also love Japanese culture.

    I want to live in Japan someday.

    I also like to long distance biking and from city to city and discover different adventures around the corner.
  1. Hi! I'm 23 and I live in Philippines. I have a girlfriend for almost 2 years. I love her so much and we're actually planning to get married. She's a wife and mother like girlfriend and I can't imagine myself living without her. We've been great for 2 years except for one thing that is bothering with me. I really can't accept her past. She's 4 years older than me. She had a "FRIEND" who actually have a girlfriend. He's much taller and good looking than me that made me really jealous be insecure about it. They used to be good friends and my gf admitted that they had sex for like 3 times. We talked seriously about it and I made her speak up and she told me that it's more than 3 times. She used to like this guy. We still haven't met each other when that happened. They were doing it even the guy has a girlfriend. I got hurt badly and actually destroyed me.. I used to be a virgin and she's my first. I can't accept the fact that she already experienced all the sexual adventures with him. I really do love her so much and I'm trying to deal out this fucking mess that is dwelling on my head and my chest. I'm a game designer and it sucked all of my inspiration and focus. I opened it up to her and she said it was her past and what really matters is us now. But even thou I try to forget it. It keeps bugging me eventually. I even plan to kill the guy but I still have my sanity. I'm really get hurt if an image pops up from my head that they are banging and doing all these positions. I lose interest when I touch her because this I think that the guy was doing the same thing. My sexual relationship with her also got affected. I lost interest and not always in the mood whenever she's trying to seduce me. I don't say no thou. I'm still keep on making a good passionate love to her even thou my mind is out of nowhere. I hope you could help me accepting her past and move on. Thank you so much.