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  1. I agree with all except 3. I think tokens/gifts are way more appropriate when you've gotten to know each other and found you have that kind of affection with each other. A guy brought me flowers on the first date once and I had no chemistry with him at ALL. it made me feel even worse about not wanting to go out with him again.
  2. Favourite hair colour on guys?

    I love it all but I really LOVE guys with long hair! "Long" can be anything from Kurt Cobain to tailbone length.
  3. Finally, a safe haven...hopefully.

    I am a non virgin F who had a successful relationship with a WTM boy. I actually found it REFRESHING that he wasn't that interested in sex. I'm sure other girls out there will feel the same. But i think a non WTM person will want license to masturbate.
  4. college

    Honestly, college kids are way cooler about personal choices than high school kids. Yes, there are parties that lead to drunk make out sessions that lead to hookups, so just make sure you make your boundaries clear before things get too "hot". You'll gain more respect and you'll feel more comfortable, too! Nothing a hopeful for sex make out buddy hates more than being walked out on after they've felt you up, grabbed your butt and pulled out a condom. It's embarrassing for both of you. But setting your boundaries early on is cool and confident and avoids any awkwardness! I went to a 4-conservatory arts school and I found the kids respected, even looked up to, kids who went against the grain and stayed true to themselves. You'll be fine!