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  1. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi! Thanks for the welcome So my parents are from Puerto Rico but I was born in CT and grew up there. I'm in DC for grad school and work. Yeah, DC is pretty great. You should see it during the Cherry Blossom Festival, it's amazing
  2. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone! I'm Amy. I'm happy to find out that there are more people who want to wait til marriage. Can't believe this site really exists but I guess there are sites for everything now a days. I'm a grad student and research assistant in DC just trying to navigate the urban dating scene but to no success. Just finding that there aren't many here with the same wtm ideals. I like to drink hot chocolate, stargaze, travel, and curl up on my couch with a blanket and a good movie. Looking forward to getting to know people
  3. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    The Walking Dead (only through season 4), X-files, Heroes, When Calls the Heart, and The Paradise. Yeah, I know "show" implied a singular show but really it's hard to make up my mind when there are so many good ones!