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  1. My Story :)

    Welcome to this site Rihhana
  2. Hello Burento, First of all i want to ask where did you look up that statistics? Anyway I'm from Indonesia and I second what Joseph said above. I can say it is not a norm, i think people here tend to be religious because this is a religious country and some just lie about their abstinent I hope this helps too
  3. I would travel to Switzerland or New Zealand because I'm in love with the nature
  4. Welcome MissVasalisa! Glad to have you here and joined the chatroll as well. Hope to talk to you more often
  5. Hello Again

    Welcome back Ranvier90! I hope you will have a great trip to Bali, it is a beautiful place actually. I assume you will spend most of time at the beaches there as you mentioned about scuba diving and swimming Take care.
  6. Greetings from Asia

    Thank you Very true Blek!Nice to meet you and i hope you enjoy the site Selamat datang!
  7. Hello everyone, I found this site because I was really curious if there are still people out there who wait -especially western people. My experience in the past showed some don't like to wait and never put respect about it. I am an Asian, I raised in a Christian family and I love God. Some people might think Asians wouldn't find a lot of struggles about to wait as that is our culture, but no because the world is now full of lust which is so sad where love seems left behind. I love meeting new people. This is really a good site to share and to support each others as a waiter. Sex is really once for marriage. Be strong and don't give in
  8. I second this.It is also true that people's environments are different. Their past lifes may affect them to be what they are now. We can be picky but we never know the person that God means for us.
  9. Greetings from Asia

    Thank you Thankies! Likewise L hope to talk to you again in the chatroom
  10. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello Sally & Nicole I would like access to the Girls Only forum, Thanks in advance
  11. Greetings from Asia

    Thank you I think I already did Thanks!
  12. Greetings from Asia

    Likewise S thank you
  13. Greetings from Asia

    Fortunately not cus I live far from that haze. Where are from btw? The majority of people might be wait but we can't say that nowadays, it depends on each person. Nice to meet you too! Yes you are right, to wait has became rare these days Thank you
  14. Greetings from Asia

    Yeah I guess I will thank you
  15. Greetings from Asia

    Oh really? Maybe you are wrong knowing people lol Thanks Joshua! Nice meeting you btw
  16. Greetings from Asia

    Thank you! I am from Indonesia actually
  17. Greetings from Asia

    We are here to encourage each others thank you
  18. Greetings from Asia

    Thank you so much
  19. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome Amy :$ @godspsychist : very good words (y)