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  1. hey nice to meet you!

    Thank you :)

    That majority stuffs has been extinct for years. Even those from rural areas of Indonesia are sexually active nowadays. It is kinda sad.

    Oh, pardon me, where are my manners?

    Hello there KIP. Nice to know another Indonesian was here before me. So I am not alone after all. :)

    Very true Blek!

    Nice to meet you and i hope you enjoy the site :)

    Selamat datang!

  2. Oh, hehe, Indonesian asian. Is your region affected by the haze, too? How is it like, to wait in Indonesia? The majority of people wait, right?


    Fortunately not cus I live far from that haze. Where are from btw?

    The majority of people might be wait but we can't say that nowadays, it depends on each person.


    Welcome to the site ^^ nice to meet you. Seems to be a struggle to wait everywhere these days, but this site and the people here make it a hundred times easier (Y) :)


    Nice to meet you too! Yes you are right, to wait has became rare these days :)


    Welcome!  :)

    Thank you ;)

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  3. Hello everyone,

    I found this site because I was really curious if there are still people out there who wait -especially western people. My experience in the past showed some don't like to wait and never put respect about it.

    I am an Asian, I raised in a Christian family and I love God. Some people might think Asians wouldn't find a lot of struggles about to wait as that is our culture, but no because the world is now full of lust which is so sad where love seems left behind.

    I love meeting new people. This is really a good site to share and to support each others as a waiter. Sex is really once for marriage. Be strong and don't give in :)

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