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  1. Decent sized forehead (Malin Akerman) and noses like Invincible posted.
  2. What to do

    Depending where you live you might all ready be considered marry in thee eyes of the state. Could it be he thinks you two aren't financially ready for marriage? Could it be he's getting cold feet? My best recommendation is to have him be upfront with you. Ask him and tell him how he's coming off. If he still acts odd you set a date. Sometimes we men need you to decide for us because we can be weenies. I wish you luck and all the best. Hope I was of some help.
  3. Do guys put girls in the friend zone?

    Yes we do put women in friend zones. I had to do this recently. But from what I read it seems this guy likes having his ego stroked by keeping you around. It's a bit odd he knew you liked him and was Ok with it. Then as soon as he finds a gf he drops you to later come back after he breaks up with her. Sounds like a classic case of needing to be liked and feeling good about it.
  4. New VTM

    Hello, Nice to meet you.