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    Id like to chime in here. This is my toughest battle right now among other things. Do i feel pressured to look a certain way? ABSOLUTELY! Ive been a computer nerd ever since i was about 4 years old. I would sit on my dads lap and we would do things on his Microsoft 3.1 together. I built my first computer when i was 8 years old. I enjoy anything computer or technology games, programming, graphics design, web development, video editing and production, you name it. Now obviously spending a majority of my time sitting in front of a screen was not condusive to a healthy body. Ive been overweight since about 4th grade. I was ridiculed in school as the fat kid, especially in middle and high school. Rejected by all the girls i ever persued except one, who dated me for 6 months before dumping me. In the adult world people generally dont just openly insult you, but theres a certain deameanor ive seen with most women where they will be nice and maybe hold conversation but their body language and tone shows that they are just being nice. When ive showed interest in women they just get this "would never happen cause your fat" or " are you really showing interest in me? gross!" kind of expression/attitude, as if im not worthy of being a romantic interest. Thats certainly not EVERY woman, but the vast majority, even christian girls at church wont really give me the time of day. so again do i feel pressured to not be fat? ABSOLUTELY yes. I have massive confidence problems due to how ive been treated, yet I dont blame other people, its my own fault that im overweight. Both women and men feel pressured to look attractive. Ive finally taken the initiative to be healthy, and ive actually lost 80 lbs since january, and i have another 50 to go before i feel comfortable in my own skin. The way I look at it is 1. I want to be in good health, we only get one body to take care of. 2. I want to find myself attractive, confidence! 3. I want my future spouse to be pleased with my body. I hope this helps