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  1. How do I tell her??

    Thank you for your input. I guess to summarize, I have to say my fear of being misunderstood is much bigger than my fear of being rejected...
  2. How do I tell her??

    Thank you GodsPhysicist. Your advice is very helpful. I mainly wanted a girl's opinion because I didn't know how to say it without making her feel unwanted
  3. How do I tell her??

    This definitely helps! Thank you!My issue is that I was in sexual relationships before.. It's only after I grew up that I realized it's NOT OK to have sex with a girl that I don't intend to marry then break her heart. I'm serious about this girl but I figured if I can wait until I'm sure she's the right one, might as well wait until marriage... I am afraid she'll not see my point and think I'm either weird or not into her
  4. How do I tell her??

    So I've been with this girl for some time, and we are going on a weekend trip together next week. How do I tell her I want to wait without making her feel unwanted? ( I am seriously into her and don't want to mess it up)