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  1. Finally, a safe haven...hopefully.

    Hello! and thanks!
  2. I'm excited that this site has such a robust list of topics to discuss! I can't wait to chime in on other discussions. Regarding this topic, I also came from a scientific background (once studying to be an engineer in school). My belief was "science and faith must somehow mesh, I simply must figure out how". I'd pray and study and question things often...not from a source of doubt but from curiosity. And I've concluded that the two do fit together. For me science is the "how" and faith/God (as detailed in scripture) is the "why". I liken it to the way siri (or other smart phone assistants) works. The owner gives a voice command and then an untold number of processes fire away. So that's where I'm coming from when I consider the creation account. Notwithstanding, to address the op question; do I think it was 6 literal days? Well as some have said, i agree that it really depends on perspective. I ask myself "from whose pov should we read the creation account?" It's natural for us to immediately read it from our pov...though we're not the ones doing anything...and from the account at least, our ancestors aren't even there to witness it. So from that position a few elements start shifting for me. I start asking myself "just how long was a day if there wasn't even a sun and moon to mark off the first few 'evening/morning' intervals until the 4th iteration of that measurement?" I can't very well say it was 24hrs as measured by man. Man wasn't there. Also, scientifically we know that time is relative. It's based on point of view. Then I consider the idea of creation itself. There's a tremendous amount of energy here, evident in the matter that's here, so creation took some real power to effect. Power = the ability to do work. There was real work put into creation. So does whether God took 6 literal days or 6 thousand days or 6 trillion days take away from my belief in God's level of power to create? Not at all. Now if I rely on the scriptures to help me understand what could've happened with time during creation, I recall an instance in the book of Joshua where he asked God to not let the sun set until israel dispatched their enemies and the book says the day was held by God until the work was finished. So faithfully, is it possible that each day of creation could in fact be literal? Is it possible that this Being of such emmense power could hold the 24hr day *until* he finished whatever task he set out to do? Yes, I think so. We have to rush to complete our daily tasks before the day is done because we have no control over time or the motion of the sun. But per the faith, God is the one who set these things in motion to begin with. So he could've taken as much relative time as he very well pleased within even a measurement of 24hrs. Perhaps on the first day he needed 12 trillion of our years. Then on the 2nd day he only needed 65 million of our years...yet with his hand on the clock, only 24hrs may have ticked away each time. Note that each day of the creation account ends with "and the evening and the morning were" *only after* God finished what he was creating and saw that it was good. The day; time followed him. But even with all of this said, what's interesting is that in the very first verse it says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth; and the earth was formless and empty and dark...and God's spirit *hover across the surface of the waters*" -there was a heaven created -there was an earth (without shape) -that earth was empty and dark -there was water (that he hovered across) ...and this is all before God says, "let there be light, as well as before it says "the first day". So the earth was here (proven by the water God cruised across), for an undetermined amount of time, *before* the account officially begins. So this tells me that the creation account is not about the creation of the earth, so much as it's about the creation of God's kingdom ON the earth; built for "those made in his image and likeness". This is my take on it.
  3. Finally, a safe haven...hopefully.

    Thanks to all who've replied. I really appreciate the warm welcome And I appreciate your rant mewaiting lol; that was exactly my reply to her. To her defense however, she came from a background of being forced into sexual activity at a very, very young age...she also has children from a previous marriage, so from her perspective "sex" and "relationship" are fused. But I'm glad I was at least able to prove to her for 8 months that an intimate relationship doesn't necessitate sex until we're ready for marriage; that it's about establishing a strong bond on an emotional level...proved that is...until the tension grew too high between us that we were arguing about petty issues weekly. ...So I just rather it not be a factor next time if I were to find someone else. Thanks again everyone!