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  1. hey sheris, welcome to wtm. its real nice to meet you. im joseph btw and youll feel right at home here. Setting up a profile pic is easy. ill guide to through it in the best way i can


    1) First click the black box on the right hand side that says: Edit my profile

    2) On your right hand side of the new page click the profile settings tab

    3) Click on the change my photo tab and upload your photo.


    Hope that helps sheris



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  2. Aww, I'm from Glasgow. That's a pity. Ah, well, at least you got to see that awesome weather, though! It's scheduled to rain for the next five days here...




    Lucky you. it rains all year around there and i love that...And hey i might come to glasgow again to meet my friends there so well meet up.. :) ...and ill finally get to meet someone on here on wtm...

  3. Damn Jegsy, i just missed you. I was doing my masters in glasgow in 2013 but unfortunately i just this site much later. :( ..

    You were so close and i missed you. i love the place btw. By far the most beautiful place ive ever been too and ohh i love your weather... ;)


    Where in scotland are you from jegsy?

  4. I decided to wait because i feel sex is one of the most amazing feelings a human being can experience. So why share that experience with more than one person. Besides, we as humans are programmed to compare everything in life including sex and that's something i don't ever want to do to my wife. 


    Secondly i believe God gave sex to bond with one person in life and have kids with that person and not use contraceptives and have many sexual partners (which is the norm).

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  5. Well Amy, i dont think im eligible to answer this but here goes,


    Im pretty sure, just like you there is a guy who made a mistake too and lost it to someone and regrets it the same way. Probably when you meet a guy like that you both are going to start of on the right path together. Maybe like you pointed out it might be hard with a virgin guy cause he might be looking for a virgin as well. But there are so many guys who've made the mistake of losing it to someone they thought theyd spend the rest of lives.They want to start fresh too. I feel if you find a guy like that, both of youll can wait together and your waiting till marriage pledge would actually be much stronger than ever before.


    Just my 2 cents, hope it helps Amy



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  6. I decided to wait because, firstly God designed sex for one women to bond with one man and not multiple partners as is the case today. And secondly because its proven psychology that any human will compare if he/she is given many of the same type. It works out true in everything in life and no one can deny that. I don't want to ever compare my wife to anyone else. She's got to be my first and my best.


    Hope that was short enough mike.. :)     

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  7. Hey Guys, I just recently came across this study on premarital sex and sex after marriage. It's really glad to know that all of us on here might be doing what nature intended us to do. Since the majority of the world are in favor of sleeping around and casual sex, these studies don't often make headlines or you know valuable articles worth reading cause you'll have tons of people bashing all the studies and all the proof it


    It may be common for couples to have sex before marriage, but a new study shows that couples who wait until marriage are happier with the quality of sex than couples who have intercourse before their vows.


    What’s more, couples who delay sex until their wedding night have more stable and happier marriages than couples who have premarital sex, according to the study, which appears in the Journal of Family Psychology.


    The study involved 2,035 married participants in an online assessment of marriage called “RELATE.†According to the study, people who waited until marriage:

    • rated sexual quality 15% higher than people who had premarital sex
    • rated relationship stability as 22% higher
    • rated satisfaction with their relationships 20% higher
    Would love to hear what you guys have to say about this as well.


    ​Sorry guys i couldn't find the links to the study but if some one has it, please do post it.


    Kind Regards


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  8. One thing that would put me off is when i'm having a conversation with a woman and shes constantly tapping away on her phone. I mean if shes having a conversation with me i expect her to focus on whats being said. So yeah that's something that would offend me.


    Hope that helps ClosetVirgin.

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  9. I was curious about this too RdTripgirl, but i think bringing it up on the 1st date would come out as awkward. You could get to know the person a little better and when he opens up a bit about himself (ie. when he's comfortable) you could tell him there's something real important you want to let him know. Tell him its personal and see how he reacts. If he reacts negatively you know he just doesn't respect your view whatsoever. If he reacts positively then you could tell him why your doing and it and stuff.


    For me personally, it took longer. I became good friends with the girl and then i opened up.


    Hope this helped.




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  10. Hi Guys and Girls,


    Im Joseph, and firstly a big big thank you to the creator and admins of this site. I came across this site in sheer luck and im so glad i found it. Truly a blessing from God to find people on here who think like me and have the same views about sex and marriage.


    First off, im from the southern tip of india and i guess there isnt anyone from there on here but it doesn't matter, as long as you guys exist anywhere in the world i have hope..:) ...Im a christian and my faith is one of the main reasons im waiting, simply because i believe God made one man for one women in this world. It's great to finally meet people who have the same values as me and i'd love to get to know all of you.


    It's so hard to wait nowadays with most of my friends and cousins telling me its pointless or no girl is going to wait. They keep telling me that im waiting like a loser because most girls do have sex with guys before they get married. To be honest it hurts real bad cause i had many chances to give in but i just held back thinking my wife should be the one and only girl in this world to even see me naked. Sometimes i feel i shouldn't have been born in this generation with values degenerating and so few people with the same views about sex.


    Id love to meet a lot of people on here and hoping to make many many friends in the days to come. Only you guys would ever understand why im waiting and my justification behind.


    Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you all around

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