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  1. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    This does not solve the issue though. If we say that that sex needs to be a creative force, as it is defined by this portion of God's being, then a married couple that knows that at least one of the partners is sterile and continues to be intimate has committed the same transgressions as anyone who has had 'unnatural sex.' However, if we argue that they have not committed these transgressions then we ultimately create a catch 22 whereby you only have to have 'natural sex' if you are outside of a heterosexual union. The problem remains that there has to be more to it than God's essence when talking about sexual morality. If there isn't we will continue to run into the same problems since, God has no sexual identity in his essence. As a result if God holds that homosexuality is wrong it cannot be because of his essence but rather his will, so in the end were right back at "it is written." Further, are you stating that sexually active couples outside of marriage are not faithful to each other, because if they were they would get married, and then using this conclusion to form the argument that premarital sex is immoral, since you cannot say it is due to a lack of creation? Sorry if I misunderstood, this part of the passage is just awkward. Actually, it does. A genderless entity does not have a gender even though it can posses both masculine and feminine traits, as Jewish tradition actually demonstrates, thereby making it androgynous or gender-neutral if you want to give it a title. As for the biological aspect I agree. Gender is not purely biological it is also largely a cultural construct. However, if it is also some sort of cosmic construct the masculine/ feminine dichotomy is much too narrow and we will have to outline how genders cover asexual and hermaphroditic life as well as sexed life where the roles of male and female are different than those of the Western Christian view... Oh, and animals that can change their sex, we're going to have to actually try and classify that as well and best be prepared to throw this all in the garbage too if and when we find life elsewhere in the universe. You are making assumptions here. Cultures have, or have had, different views on gender and the number that exist in humans. As for the various elements of the world being assigned a gender this actually changes from culture to culture as well (ie. the earth in Germanic cosmology is masculine due to it being shaped from the corpse of Ymir).
  2. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    This is rather problematic though as it could be used to throw all the rules surrounding sexual morality out the window due to the fact that God is seemingly asexual or depending on interpretation un-gendered. As a result the only rules that would possibly hold up under this explanation would be those concerning honour and loyalty, as we could attribute those traits as belonging to God's being, leaving the those concerning premarital, non-hetero-normative, and all other sexual activities unexplained due to the lack of sexuality in God's nature.