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  1. Have you ever been arrested?

    lol i love that anime Future Diaries ^^ so trippy!!!
  2. Longboard blues

    I think these two things corner the nagging thought that it hurts so much because someone didn't recognize the value in something that you recognize well enough. I think that "salts" wounds like these. But, mending these things with our trusted buddies is what gets the "salt" out... My mother knew how much it meant to me, but rather than confront me about and tell me that she didnt want it in the house, she just got rid of it. My parents ar ethe type of people that in order to avoid confrontation or conflict, they'll go behind peoples backs.
  3. I listen to music when I'm unstable, the band Flyleaf has helped me a lot. I love reading, it's an escape when this world gets to be too much ^^. And just being around friends in general, and having human connection. It's so beautiful, a simple smile and a few kinds words can impact a person's whole day in a positive way
  4. Longboard blues

    So My ex boyfriend (now best friend) rides a long-board, and I've ridden his many times, and he has taught me to ride it. well before he graduated high school he got a new one and gave me his old one. Now we put new grip tap on it, painted the belly black, and on top of it put the Batman symbol, and near the bottom trucks we put the triforce symbol (Legend of Zelda, in case anyone didn't know), lol and one of the secretary ladies scribbled I <3 (Insert her name). It has so much sentimental value. Now because of one accident on a long-board (Not mine btw) my mom gave MY long-board away. I feel so disrespected and hurt. she should of talked to me about it. but no she gave something away that meant something. How dare she. I can't (well actually i can) believe she did this.
  5. To christian guys

    Most of you believe that her feelings for you wouldn't be genuine, which I say to that if she was at a lower stage of recovery, this would of been true. A few years ago she would of dated anyone because it appears to her that men are above her, and that serving is her duty. It's not as severe as before, and she can kindly say no thank you to men when they ask her out. I think her biggest concern while in a relationship is if he'll accept her and won't use her past against her. As to the after effects to the trauma she has triggers ( items or words) that make her remember things or relive certain events in her mind. that is still a major work in progress. As well as nightmares. As to reasons to staying in such relationships. The first. (Her Master) came into her life when she was ten. He wasn't Master until after a couple months, by then she trusted him. After the first day and he brought her back to school, she was too frightened and didn't want another punishment if she tried telling someone or didn't show up the next day. Believe me, she ran from him several times only to be caught and punished. She had that feeling of utter hopelessness.
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    hello, i'm a newbie to this site, and i would love to be able to join in on the GO discussions. I'm really different from who i am online and in person, online i can be more open, because nobody knows me, but in real life, i'm a nervous, skittish kind of person, while wishing i was more out going.
  7. To christian guys

    How would you feel if the christian woman you had serious (possibly future wife) told you that she was sexually abused by a sadistic man, who by definition tortured her into being a submissive. ( what i mean by submissive, is a Master/sub) and after him was raped by different males along her life.And there might also be a chance that she can never have children. would you still want her? is she still worthy to be wanted?