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  1. Vincent DS

    Reading "Toxic parents" by Susan Forward. I recommand it to everybody !
  2. Vincent DS

    My family are very toxic people. I want so bad to be independent in MY life. Thank God I found you and I will find more people like you ! All the best
  3. Vincent DS

    Going back to school tommorrow
  4. Vincent DS

    I just read/listen finances. I know what is sexual transmutation I don't need to read 200pages to apply by myself lol ^^
  5. Hey There, (Hopefully) Future Friends :)

  6. Vincent DS

    Thank you for your support it really helps ! Thank you I needed that kind of answer. I believe in God even if I'm not religious. It will be amazing to know a girl in real like you too. Yes you will find him and he will find you ! Being virgin without masturbaton prevents you from mental disorder caused by lack of control of sexual energy, clearer mind, good at sport, etc. Keep rocking !
  7. I can tell you these men exist ! It goes both ways.
  8. Vincent DS

    Hello everybody ! It is so cool to know I'm not alone fighting for my dream and my values. I'm VincentDS, I'm 20, I live in France. I'm a student in transport-logistics, like energy-environment too and also marketing. I'm virgin, never kissed a girl, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs. I just fell in an underrated addiction since I'm a kid: PMO (porn-masturbation-orgasm). I know it's very weird and I'm quitting this since 2012. I'm starting to feel OK despite all the soft porn influence the society contains through medias and some lame behaviors (I don't look at TV or radio). I encourage you to go to and to better understand my health challenge. I do workout. I had a broken heart several times in my life, last time because I met a girl since 2 years. Nothing really happen between us but I just relapsed in PMO after 2 clean months in 2013 (period where I met her) and so I couldn't be able to handle this amazing opportunity. Now I live my life sticking as hard as I can to my own integrity in order to achieve my goals. See ya !