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  1. Ladies, your thoughts on guys crying.

    Showing your true emotions is a form of great connection with just a friend of boyfriend. If a guy cries or isn't afraid to cry, to me, that shows that he's in touch with his feelings and he's not afraid to open and tell how he is truly feeling about a tough situation. I find it irritating how society makes crying solely reserved for women because men are allowed to cry to! Men and Women were made from the same Creator so in essence it's natural to cry on both ends.
  2. I am Christian and I'm choosing to wait until marriage not only religious wise but for myself as a individual and follower of Christ. A reason why I find it so hard to wait is because, with me and my boyfriend, we connect on an emotional and mental level but, my mind will wonder if we will connect on a sexual level to the point of rationalizing why having premarital sex is okay. However, then I think about the hurt and regret I would feel if I took up that offer in my head and I decide that it's not worth possibly loosing a really nice guy over a moment of vulnerability.