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  1. Hello all!

    Hello there, Canadian huh? How's the snow?
  2. Vegan Style and beautiful women

    I have noticed a sharp rise in energy after each oreo meal... it has made me more energetic. Is this the beginning of veganism?
  3. Hi all

    Help in what way?
  4. Vegan Style and beautiful women

    I just wanted to add that oreos are vegan, and that will be all I'm eating. Can't wait for the health benefits associated with veganism.
  5. The Positive Thread

    in Cartman's words: "I'm not just positive, I'm HIV positive." I found another person that I'm going to approach about being friends, someone I thought was pretty. Seems that the people in my network are actually encouraging of such behavior. Keep staying positive, give of yourself and you will have a positive return
  6. In Need of Support & Playing Games

    Build up a wall and protect yourself. The whole playing games thing is stupid but it happens. If you want a good man, you need to be a good woman and you mustn't compromise on things that the world wants. I can't tell you if you'll ever meet someone, but I can say that very often women shun the very men that they are looking for while going after the ones who seem interesting. Usually interesting guys tend to be the ones who play with girls' hearts.
  7. The Positive Thread

    I can't go left... I am not a leftist!!! I went right against everything else.
  8. heyyyyyy

    Where to?
  9. Heyy

    So are you both together? Edith and norin?
  10. The Positive Thread

    Hahaha that dog picture is awesome! There's a cat one too
  11. heyyyyyy

    So when are you going to meet my parents?