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  1. Tattoos

    I prefer their natural skin regardless of how it looks. I don't mind tattoos, though.
  2. Hi :) I'm new here

    Welcome, Haydee!
  3. Hey! Welcome, I am from Sri Lanka.
  4. Waiting and Loneliness

    I watch some shows (animated, lately). I am also busy right now but I sometimes broke down. I am not a very religious person and I do realize that as a helpless romantic and a highly sensitive person, I could only 'defer' the need for someone, not forget it. It is far more common to wait in our society; it is a conservative one: we still commonly have arranged marriages here. It is not the fact that I wait per se but the other important things in my life which make my partner difficult to find.
  5. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    I think a 16 years old woman is too young to be in a relationship with someone like that. If she is 18, it would be different, though. A relationship between minors is considered more acceptable socially when compared to a relationship between a minor and a major with a higher age difference even when the minor's age is the same - because one of them happens naturally over natural exposure. I do not support this idea, though. IMHO it is gross. I find it okay when she is 18+, though.
  6. Tell Me a Story, I'm Sick

    @CrystalFaerie Thanks for your wishes! Happy to see you around! Maybe he meant something like a Klein bottle like flute in a 4D space?
  7. Tell Me a Story, I'm Sick

    I wish you feel well soon. We have a kitty whose mama came to our house and gave birth to four of them. We decicded to keep the weakest one. She was the most scared one out of the four. Now she is pregnant and she scratched one of my feet. I don't exactly remember but I got a wasp bite soon after/before that when I was trying to remove some ash bananas from a tree. I have an exam tomorrow.
  8. Female Body Hair

    I don't mind either. It's totally up to her.
  9. Melancholy Music

    Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots: Into Each Life...
  10. What are some of the comics you like the most? Here are some I liked today: 1: 2: 3: 4:
  11. My Story :)

    Welcome, we are glad to have you here!
  12. 5,000 members!!!

    Yay, OneLovelyBabe! But why does it say that you are the newest member, although I have seen you around here, many times?
  13. Male issues in long distance?

    What I would see is that... 1. Time. It usually needs some commitment while managing the social life - it will difficult if they had different timezones. 2. The strong feeling of wanting hugs and kisses, unfulfilled for a long time, haha. 3. Should work harder so that the other one will not have a problem with work or employment, at least until they adopt to the new place; the expenses are likely to become very high, so, better be prepared when they get together. Otherwise, I don't think the normal ones are any different; I think theoritically, love thousands of miles is just as good as love few miles away.
  14. Hi everybody!!!

    Welcome, Robby!
  15. new here

    Hey sheris! Welcome to the community
  16. Hi everyone, I am glad to have found this website!

    Welcome, MissVasalisa! We are happy to have you here! I am Ris, they call me MW or sometimes even "waiting" here; we'd be glad to have a chat with you Stole them from Flickr
  17. I would like to live in Singapore, if they wouldn't kick me out. Pretty safe and neat place; Singapore is a country associated with our culture. I am pretty much satisfied with our place, but not sure about how would it be, in future, after studies. Our place is less polluted, little or no fast food, windy and near the sea, in all three directions And I would like to travel to North Korea once for fun, would love to visit my aunt in UK and the list grows...
  18. Nerdy virgin

    LOL, this section is "nerds exposed". Nerd here, too! And I was like: "You too?".
  19. Good Evening

    Welcome, Chloe!
  20. Hello World (:

    Welcome, Donna! We are very happy to have you here! Yes, I have heard that there are many Tamils and Chinese living in Malaysia, like Singapore but in different proportions, haha.
  21. Hello there!

    Wow, you know little Tamil as well! Impressive, man! I meant Sri Lanka by ISO 3166-LK; my name is Ris. Haha, I have written scripts for Windows only (batch scripts for some automation), but now I am trying to do JavaScript like a pro (I am learning more about internals of ECMAScript, which may sometimes help me to write time-, space- and aesthetically efficient code. Thanks, man! Wow, Indonesia is such a multicultural country, so many languages! That's so beautiful! You seem to have a higher script diversity as well, like South Asia.
  22. Could You....

    Exactly, Steadfast Madcup. I have OCD as well, only a few, to whom that I have myself voluntarily mentioned, know that. As someone has said here, it is not something you see in such videos; they are just the extremes of them. The typical OCD in fact includes repeated handwashing and checking if the door is locked seven or eight times. They, per se, are not harmful. Did I use any pills? Heck no. I have less of it, but I used to have more. It is uncurable, but from experience, I can say that it is kind of managable. Nobody even suspected it, except me. From what I have observed, 'personality disorders' affect more of social life, while 'anxiety disorders' affect less of it but disturbs more of the inner peace. I have no problem with social life and no problems with typical relationships.
  23. In the place we live, it is generally considered a good quality to wait until marriage, but it is gradually changing. It used to be like 'having sex means marriage', on at least the high register of our society, in which I grew up. Still, contrary to the popular belief, divorce rates are too low; It is not really because of society talking bad things but they are usually grown up with the habit of adjusting together.
  24. Hello there!

    Hey Blek, Welcome to this community! BSD fan here . I love Physics. Yes, it's interesting to see Indonesian use Latin script. Your English is good, I hope you will love this community . OMG you seem to be a polyglot as well!