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  1. After reviewing this site and its members I have a concern that has come to mind. I noticed that alot of the people on this site on this site are virgins in their early to late 30's. Im sorry but im not really inclined to marry someone that has been absent and a complete stranger for most of my life. I am currently 25 years old, I work hard, I am in good health and I am intelligent. Intelligent enough to know that now is a good time to start dating and searching for someone to make my wife. I am not exclusively celibate but I am only interested in copulating with someone that is legitimately in love with me and that I also legitimately love right back. If my partner wants to wait until marriage I am all for it. If there is any ladies out there that feel as I do and do would like to take a chance to find love before they grow old and all kinds of health problems kick in then please dont be shy. I am open to respond to any and all applications. Just please dont be in a hurry to fall in love. I would like to take the time to build a strong bond over time. Starting now or sometime soon and not when I am 40 and my whole life has gone by me. I think it makes sense to start dating now because there is no guarantee that things will workout with any woman I date. If I were to wait to my later years I am sure I would not have that many options to choose from. Plus, I am not going to be this handsome forever.
  2. How many is "too many" partners?

    I could understand your concern. Personally, I feel that just as people contract physical level STDs we can also contract emotional level and mental level STDs such as addiction (in its disease model) to sex and even impure energies like fear or guilt. I would imagine the someone who has had many partners is in some way or another influenced by some of the mental and emotional blockages that effected their partners. Truthfully I was taught for spiritual reasons it is best to have as few sexual partners as possible (maybe 2 or 3). However, sex or lovemaking is still essential in spiritual development and should not be ignored. I would have to say that 10 partners is way too much to ignore especially if it is combined with an attitude that the number of partners didnt matter.
  3. is masturbation a sin?

    From what I understand, there was a story in the bible named Onan who had intercourse and spilled his sperm on the floor. God ended his life not too long after that. It may have been because marriage was involved and he was not instructed to do that but to actually impregnate the women. Nevertheless, Jesus once told a story about servants that multiplied there talents. One could say we have 7 specific talents correlating to the colors of the rainbow. Of the 7 I will discuss the first 3 which are probably the most important. Theses 3 are power, wisdom and love. Sexual libido is a bio active "electrical (power)" forces that is extracted for the omnipresent orgone field by our DNA. The fractal helix of our DNA acts as an antenna that attracts the bio electric charge then multiplying and accelerates is speed until it breaks the speed of light and this is how or physical corpses are able to express consciousness and natural intelligence. Yet this power is only to be released through love through Christ wisdom from above. When we realese this energy, if it doesn't resonate with the higher vibrational energies of love then it will be come negative energy that can not rise to the higher levels of the universe (in terms of vibration) and be be multiplied. Yet if the energy is release through positive emotions (like joy, peace and gratitude) it can rise in vibrations like helium through air and be multiplied by God. Masturbation is a casting of pearls before swine and a giving of that which is holy unto the Dogs. The energy release cannot be multiplied and thus this energy becomes trapped in the material world as karma (or sin) that needs to be balanced before one can ascend to the heavens. Master nation is all around selfish and is thus a corruption of the root chakra. If it doesn't nothing to enhance all of life then it does nothing to enhance oneself. Christ minded people serve all life and not the ego for that would be anti-Christ. Thus, master nation is inspired from the begining by the forces of this world.
  4. New Here

    My name is Peter and I am a 25 year old virgin as a young black male. It boggles me as to how I ended up still a virgin at 25 just as much as it boggles everyone that finds out. I'm handsome, charming and some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen have come to me telling me that they like me. I have always felt that I was different from the average person and I have come to realize that I truly am. I am an old soul that has spent many lifetimes in this celestial wilderness searching for home (or heaven if that is what you would prefer to call it). Any women that ends up my wife I would have to say is a very lucky lady. My last name is Hylton and I am an only son with two sisters. I have discovered that I have a broken heart and this is one cause of me still being a virgin. Though beautiful women approach me from time to time I once was shy, unusually sensitive and nervous. I have gradually closed my heart up from expressing tender feelings over the succession of many lifetimes and I began to fear expressing these feelings. Fortunately, have overcome that fear. I'm not necessarily waiting until marriage but I am waiting until I find someone that I am legitimately in love with. I believe God will excuse partners to mate if their intimate love for one another is genuine. If my partner wishes to wait until she is married then I will respect her wishes. My opinion is that waiting to marriage is too extreme and sexual energy can as a talent of power from God can be multiplied when released through love. I am a 3.7 GPA Associate of Art in Psychology and National Society of Collegiate Scholars full fledge member. I am studying to be an Orgone and Reiki Therapist. I would like to meet a women that would be willing to master an avatar energy mastery course with me that will teach us lucid dreaming, astral projection, telekinesis, aerokinesis, awareness expansion, reality creation and many other wonder spiritual capabilities. I need a women full of joy and kindness as I would appreciate such energies being passed on to my our children. I must warn that I have been told that the devil is out to enslave the people of this planet but I am one of the few on this planet that he is trying to kill me. Reason being is that I am on this planet in this lifetime on a special mission. I am one of those people that was hated by everyone at a young age and never understood why. I understand now that it was because I radiated a tremendous amount of Christ light into this world as a child. The dark spirits of this world sensed it and have been out to kill me ever since. Thus, I ask if you are not looking to develop spiritually then please refrain from inquiring. I am on a mission to save the world but I can not do it alone so I am hoping to find a women brave with love. One reason I would prefer a virgin girl is these women today that aren't virgins are very corrupt minded as a result of adopting view from corrupt minded boyfriends they dated. It's hard to even find a women that would smile and wave hello to you as a stranger nowadays because most people are living in fear and withhold their love from strangers as a result. The women of today are mentally and emotionally damaged from dating men that failed to enhance them spiritually. Only way to capturing their rotten hearts are material possessions like nice cars. I would find capturing their hearts more dangerous than difficult. Virgins are still relatively pure (bearing only personal phobias) and are as such the acceptable offering.