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  1. Hey novelist,


    I sort of felt like I was reading about myself. My commitment to my faith, as well as to myself in waiting is something that I am proud of, but it has been hard to not exactly be accepted for it. Whether it was dating (or trying to), or people who just thought that I was odd. I've been called "Tim Tebow" more times than I care to remember. Many people tell me that I won't ever meet anyone likeminded but for some reason I have always just been optimistic. I have a great life and a career that I love, a great family and group of freinds. Not everyone knows about my commitment, so I can definitely relate to you when you had said that it feels like a secret. And once I tell a date about it, for whatever the reason it has essentially ended the relationship. When I found out about this site, I figured there were people who I could relate to. Turns out I was right :)

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