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  1. I've recently become engaged, and my fiancé is not a virgin. He has had sex with one woman and "half sex" (?) with another and has kissed multiple girls. It was strange, since for a while, it didn't bother me, but then, BAM. I'm a jealous, anxious mess. Even now after 1 year, I'm still a mess. I still cry randomly, get angry, hurt, ect. I've talked to him, forgiven him, he regrets it all and wishes he would have waited. Nothing he says helps. I know he loves me and only me, I know I'm not being compared, and I know his number isn't even big. Why am I such a mess? Why am I so jealous. I feel so cheated and disgusted and I can't get over it. I'm so insecure ): I just want some encouraging words and maybe some advice. I love him to death, and I will be married to him. But how can I get over the gross fact that I waited and he didn't? Much love xx