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  1. He was talking about feminism as we know it now. Not when feminism had a real purpose.
  2. I mean not the type of guy that comes off as spiritual like that. For the most part my faith is more of a internal thing where I just have knowing that God is always with me and is inside of me. Basically I'm just asking if Christian girl really wants a guy that has his face on the ground always praying to God. And spends time 24/7 in the Bible. I mean, I talk to God and he talks to me. I don't bow down or anything like that. I just continue what I'm doing to talk to him. I don't spend too much time in the Bible, though if someone is talking about it or talking God I'm usually always interested in what they have to say. I really don't get anything from praise and worship. I'd really rather off on my own with my thoughts or talking to God or thinking about him.
  3. hmmm, I have no options. For some reason I'm not really afraid of being alone forever anymore.(Not really sure how that happened.) And I'm learning to budge on the virginity part atleast.
  4. Hey, where have you been? ^_^ 

  5. Yep she passed by me at work. I was looking at her eye, and she moved her eyes away from me.
  6. My mom is basically telling that I should settle for a fat girl, or someone that's divorced/widowed. When I really want a girl that's a virgin.
  7. There's a couple a girls at work that used to just say hey and smile at. But then about a month ago one of them stopped responding to me totally which I didn't think that much of. But now a second one stopped responding to me. Am I just creepy when it comes to girls. I mean this wouldn't be the first time a girl thought I was creepy.