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  1. hmm, becoming friends with guys has never really helped me be able to meet new girls.
  2. I've tried talking to the girls a couple of times and they just said a couple things to me, then just ignored me.
  3. This isn't really something the church is doing, it's happening naturally. And why wouldn't would you want to meet a girl at church where you know there's a lot higher chance of finding a girl that believes in the same thing as you. Do you really think that you'll find a good Christian girl at a bar or something?
  4. I've been getting more confidence with people lately and it's getting easier to talk to them, but it's still hard at church when the girl just seem to isolate themselves with other girls and not really have any opening for a guy like me to talk to them. I mean don't they want husbands. I don't know about them, but church is really the only place I have to look for a girlfriend.
  5. 1. I know I don't really have common interests that girls have. I'd be willing to try new things with a girl, but probably wouldn't want to that type of stuff alone. But yeah, once I get started, I'd probably get interested in that kind of stuff. 2. Hmm, I tried online dating for 6 months. It went nowhere and really I didn't even get any responses to the messages I sent. Though I'm not really interested in long distance relationships. Yeah, I've been asking God for help for 10+ years. No luck so far. I know, I've been trying to talk to people more. But progress has been slow. Though I have tried asking a couple girls out for coffee over the last couple months, neither one went anywhere though. Doesn't seem like there'd anyone else to ask anytime soon.
  6. I'm 28, Christian. I've gotten my associates and just about to finish my bachelors degree. My class are pretty guys only since it's more in the IT area and girl for some reason usually don't want to become programmers. I work as a cart pusher at a grocery store, and I also have internship where I'm some art and programming. Sadly that's a stay at home job. I also goto church once a week, and I'm not having any luck there. I also play magic the gathering at a card shop on Friday night, but girls usually don't like to play Magic. Personality wise, I'm pretty shy until I start to get know people. Then I start opening up as I start to trust them. I'm pretty laid back, I like to stay home or in a quiet environment. I'm looking for other areas to meet girls, but I really don't know where to go. I would like to find another Bible study to goto but not having any luck with that. Then there's also the fact that they usually tend to be guy or girls only. Interests, I'm in heavy metal, video game, anime, Magic: The Gathering, God, Mythology, lost of different things in that area.
  7. He was talking about feminism as we know it now. Not when feminism had a real purpose.
  8. I mean not the type of guy that comes off as spiritual like that. For the most part my faith is more of a internal thing where I just have knowing that God is always with me and is inside of me. Basically I'm just asking if Christian girl really wants a guy that has his face on the ground always praying to God. And spends time 24/7 in the Bible. I mean, I talk to God and he talks to me. I don't bow down or anything like that. I just continue what I'm doing to talk to him. I don't spend too much time in the Bible, though if someone is talking about it or talking God I'm usually always interested in what they have to say. I really don't get anything from praise and worship. I'd really rather off on my own with my thoughts or talking to God or thinking about him.
  9. hmmm, I have no options. For some reason I'm not really afraid of being alone forever anymore.(Not really sure how that happened.) And I'm learning to budge on the virginity part atleast.
  10. Hey, where have you been? ^_^ 

  11. Yep she passed by me at work. I was looking at her eye, and she moved her eyes away from me.