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  1. Well, this is my first forum post here even though I have been reading through these forums for quite some time. Anyways..... Why does God sometimes seem to bless your friends more than you. How come I don't go out to the bars every night trying to bring some girl home yet my buddy who did that for years gets to date some AWESOME christian girl and I'm sitting here single ( I am more or less talking relationshipwise in this topic)? How come I am struggling to find a solid christian girl yet my other buddy has tons of them trying to date him but he refused to because they won't have sex, like why can't you throw some my way God??? I have really thought about/researched this and I have my opinions but I am really wondering how other christians view this. I am looking forward to hearing other views (and seeing how humorous some of these may be considering some of you are still trying to convince yourselves that masturbation is not a sin, sorry I saw that in another topic and am still mindblown). Thanks!
  2. You all are hating on this post. While yes it fairly was obvious things it also shows how to easily make yourself more attractive. Just be in shape, or at least not overweight. Seriously, thats half the battle! Hair color and stuff is out of your control. Just being fit makes you look so much more attractive. Yes, some people have been blessed better than others in the looks catagory but how many times have you seen people with someone else that you figured would have had no chance with them? I see it every day, every person finds different things attractive. Also, the feminist paragraph, while worded not so good, is priceless. Us guys want girls with those traits for the most part, just not a feminist who takes all of those characteristics overboard. There is no bigger turnoff then a feminist. I would rather hear that a girl I'm dating is an ex prostitute than a feminist. Because at the root of it all feminism is the cause of why less men are marrying today, and it causes men to have an easier time walking out on a marriage than in previous years (no it is not the sole root of it, ultimately it is the man's fault for doing it but feminism adds to the cause). So yeah I really didn't think it was that bad an article. Although I would agree, I don't know why it was put in the Christian forum.
  3. Purity Ring

    I think they are great. The only thing is if you end up having sex outside of marriage just follow through and take it off. I have known too many girls who had one and then wouldn't take it off after they slept around. It doesn't work like that. One other note, as a dude I will say if I'm thinking about hitting on a girl or asking her out on a date I typically won't if I see a ring just to be safe. But then again that's only if I don't know them enough to know whether they are single or not. But yeah all in all I think they are awesome.
  4. is masturbation a sin?

    Typically if you have to ask it, it is a sin. The saying is "if in doubt, there is no doubt". If you are having doubts if something is a sin then it most likely is. That's like asking if doing other things farther than kissing is a sin outside of marriage. People continue to ask that question because God didn't specifically say how far we can go outside of marriage in the Bible but we really do know, we just don't want to admit it. God didn't say porn was a sin either but come on now, we all know it is. The people trying to say it's not a sin on here are just mad because for some of them it's the only way they have kept themselves pure all these years which in reality is so wrong. And just for the record you can't masturbate without lusting. You are literally convincing your brain you are having sex. How do you do that without thinking about other people? Please explain this lol.