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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, i can see you guys are together for little awhile, i dunno how old are you and what kind of relationship are you building, as for sure if its something serious and if there is an open comunication and understanding between you both, for sure he would know what would bother you to avoid it and whats would make you happy to do it, so the relationship may succed as its a life of two, but honestly i dont think hes that serious about the feelings side and pushing to the physically side forgetting they both are connected, thats why i suggest that you tell him about your concern and if he cares enough about you and your feelings he gonna ask it differently when you both are ready if not you better forget about him before its too late.
  2. Sometimes our choices make us meet the wrong persons time after time and we can feel like there is no one for us, but believe me changing the way we look and where we look gonna lead us to the right person ... even we are over 50 of age its never late !
  3. Hi, recently joined

    Hi, its always a great pleasure to meet special persons like you, it makes the place shines more with everytime a magic soul join here, so welcome between us and i hope you gonna enjoy the stay
  4. Hey !

    Hello you !!
  5. My friend suggested this for me...

    Welcome dear ! we been waiting for you
  6. Too old to do this?

    Its never late for anything, you are simply a good person preserving herself for the right man that you didnt meet yet, i know so many who are looking for a person in your age,maybe they are younger or older, but they are looking for the person, the maturity, the true feelings, the sincerity and of course for love cuz thats the main key for a lasting relationship, but we human like to put conditions. I dunno what you exactly looking for in a man, maybe thats what you have to focus on it to find that person, and remember the age is really just a number
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome between us dear !!
  8. Newbie

    Welcome my dear ! i hope you gonna like it here and dont worry about the past all whats matter that you find your way and everything gonna fall in place once you gonna meet your ideal match
  9. Ann here from Philly

    Welcome between us !
  10. Hello!

    Welcome between us !
  11. Hai I am new

    Welcome !!
  12. Dating

    There is a big difference between mature men and boys in how they see and deal with things, as a man i take everything and everyone seriously as am confident enough in myself to not accept to be in anyones list or be anyone's option b, c or d , boys do that and like to take the challange to win the competition and do everything to make the girl choose them over the others following the progress of the relationship as you said ...we are not in a stock market here !!... a man focus on one person and give her all the attention to build a life and not win a competition and the date comes after a good period of knowing eachother as a friend so its serious .. and you not me to act like me, shes not the kind of person i would be in an exclusive relationship with anymore like you like to call it, as it was since she agree to keep dating and seeing eachother and got the possibility to end it at anytime she didnt felt comfortable and could move on her life instead of collecting men. its simply rude ..
  13. Dating

    In my world a man dating so many persons is a player, and a woman dating so many men is a bad girl, make nonsense to me if you serious to collect persons and deal with each one with a different face and feelings, but if you want to play i can understand that's who you really are and that's what you are looking for, personally ive met one of those girls once, she told me while smiling that shes dating other two and am different and that make me her first choice !! but got offended when i told her am not interested to be added to her list and left ! i dunno what she was thinking about when she told me that, but she realised her big mistake when she text me saying that shes sorry and she understand how mad i am knowing shes dating others i replied am one of those who dont accept that nor respect those who do that so that was the last time i talked to her ..
  14. Hello there

    Welcome Amanda !!
  15. Welcome dear!! i can read how excited you are, but i understand you as its happend to every one of us once we reached here, anyway you seem a wonderful person and i hope you gonna enjoy it here
  16. My Virginity as a Punchline

    I enjoyed reading your post, it simply showed how you preserved yourself in the middle of all those you mentioned struggling in their cheatings and lies following the fake feelings of happiness without being really happy or living a real love stroy ... being a virgin is a rare quality that only few knows the value, so dont bother yourself about what the others may call you or the way they may look at you, the most important thing that you are a winner so enjoy living as one and keep your head up
  17. Agnostic and Waiting

    Welcome between us !!
  18. Oh i see, i thought you knew them in person, anyway you did your best so no regret !!
  19. i know how you feel, but maybe they are just taken so keep going and just know that you did your best ..
  20. I hope you stay optimistic all time, dont worry about those who didnt responded back they simply didnt ment to be yours, and be sure that your true destiny is waiting you somewhere and its just question of time
  21. Welcome to the site !! i hope you gonna enjoy the forum here and find good friends to share your thoughts with ...i see that you closed the doors of hope already to find the right person for you, maybe you are putting alot of conditions to reach that goal, its your right and it may comes true at anytime ..but i hoped you took a minute to think that as you are putting conditions the others may have them too and relationships dont work this way, he must loves you and respect your tastes an participate in your activities and you do same with his tastes and activities, thats what we can call meet in the middle.. so my advise to you is make things more easier so you can be happy with the one you gonna share life with...Good luck
  22. Hi

    Welcome dear !! i do feel you , but just know that there is so many persons like you and so many are just right here to take your hand and give you all the support you need ..feel free to express yourself and live your life with passion as much as you can all along the way
  23. I share the same position with you, as sometimes its nonsense the ex is sitting near the husband in the same table and sharing jokes and laughters with the wife ... am sure if we reverse the positions the wife wont stay patient for a second if her husbands ex is enjoying her time with the husband in front of her ... some dont understand thats marriage is different than Bf/Gf thing ..
  24. Was wondering what you gonna do if you find out that a friend of your partner is actually his/her ex, kept close and shared almost all your family events, being there all this time offering services and assistance when you were busy to be around. Is that gonna make any difference in your relationship with your partner? or its gonna make you suspect things being done behind your back ?
  25. Introduction

    Be sure that you made a very brave decision, that shows how strong person you are, and if you look back you gonna see the long way you took to make it here, so dont bother yourself about what the others may think or say, you preserved yourself as a rare jewerly for the right person who gonna know how priceless you are, in time the others just gave themselves to others cheaply and lost all kind of i take my hat for you and be sure that your other half gonna apreciate you and see how beautiful your soul is once his eyes meet yours..