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  1. How far is to far?

    I don't have a problem with waiting till marriage it's just if I felt comfortable and safe and I knew wed be getting married that I'd be okay with it happening before our wedding night. But if someone swindled me for years just to get my perverbial cherry then I made a terrible choice in who I fell in love with which wouldn't be a first for me
  2. How far is to far?

    I guess this is a personal question but one I want to ask. How far can your future husband have gone with someone else and you still love him? Being a semi-waiter myself (If Im with my soulmate then id be okay with doing the deed early but Id need to know that I going to marry her and shed have to understand that if we had sex that a wedding ring would be on her finger shortly.) I think about how much my future wife can go before ill say no. And ive found my bare minimum and also what id prefer from her. Because of my past ive gone almost all the way with a girl who because i was with her for 6 years or so and i assumed marrage and didn't think shed leave me but it happened and now i have to find someone else to love with a past that im not sure how many girls who are waiting for MR. right would accept. So i thought id ask everyone here just what do you require mr. right to have not done before being with you? and are the reasons hes done something in the past effect if youll forgive it or is it no exceptions?
  3. What qualities are you looking for?

    I think its kinda hard to say what I want in a girl because as long as our personalities click then im happy. So if shes shy then im fine same if shes out going. I think what matters to me is we need to be able to have things in common we can do together and that when were together things are easy. Not awkward. Physical attractiveness is hard to say because im not really attracted to someone until I get to know them and really understand how they work and think. I like all hair colors and bust/butt sizes so long as it fits the rest of the body. Even being on the smaller side for either is just fine for me. Though I do want her to be healthy, doesn't mean ill be counting every pound but I try to stay fit and I want someone who will want to work out with me when I do and also have splurge days with me too. I guess im a pretty weird guy but hopefully not to strange to be loved lol.
  4. Brand New

    Thank you everyone
  5. Can you just be friends with a woman??

    I think everyone here is right at least a little bit. Personally ive had girls as friends and not had issues with being attracted to them or them being attracted to me. Just friends is more than possible but I think there can still be jealousy and possessiveness even as friends. I think the closer you become to someone even if purely platonic you can still be as protective as a lover would be so im sure that causes plenty of problems for people. I think its all about why you became friends with someone vs just it being the particular gender that your attracted to.
  6. Brand New

    Hello everyone, I just found this site a few days ago and after reading some posts I feel that this is something I want to be apart of. I'm 19 and just got out of my first and only relationship of 6 to 7 years and want to find support and new friends. I hope I can have a spot here.