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  1. Melancholy Music

  2. Is Morality Subjective?

    Allow me to correct a mistake that I realized in my sentence. It ends abrupt, but I meant to end it with pointing out that this case doesn't make sense. Either there is a morality, in which case we cannot decide it. Or there is none, in which case it does not make sense to call anything wrong or right. It is like trying to determine who is closest to point A, without having determined where point A is (or if it even exists).
  3. Melancholy Music

    Got loads, but I'll just submit one for now
  4. Random Thoughts

    Been quite a while since I was last active here...
  5. Is Morality Subjective?

    I believe "morality" is objective. ( quotation marks here because it goes by many names ) I wouldn't say it can even be subjective, by definition, as the distinction between right and wrong . It's either there or it isn't. And if it isn't, nothing is ultimately right or wrong, at which point "subjective morality" i.e. personal opinions attempt to separate right and wrong (but why/how, since nothing ultimately is right or wrong). Likewise on the other hand, if something ultimately is right or wrong, then how can it be subjective? Still, that doesn't prove whether or not morality itself is true. In the case morality is not true, I completely understand why people would repurpose the meaning of it, and conclude that "morality is subjective". However, I am in the belief that morality is true. Instead of myself trying to explain my observation, I'll refer to C.S. Lewis, who does a fantastic job explaining it. (While I'm at it let me mention that this is from a series of doodles along old recording of his book Mere Christianity, and I can highly recommend watching the rest as well!! Also for you atheists / non-christians out there as it's not just about Christianity, you might catch some interesting points. He also goes deeply into the subject of WtM and does a very thorough job at it )
  6. The Importance of Attraction

    For me it's definitely personality over appearance. But as mentioned by a few others, first hand impression is usually the looks and then you get to know their personality afterwards, so it's complicated and goes a bit hand in hand. I'll also leave this here, realization from a drunk man, same topic~ish:
  7. Random Thoughts

    There there...
  8. Random Thoughts

    Hitler's 127'th birthday today... lol (No offence to anyone... and I'm not nazi, just to be clear.)
  9. Warning: Phishing site

    Is it just me or has the warning gone away?
  10. Random Thoughts

    If I someday get kids, I'll send them on a Narnian adventure for sure!
  11. Warning: Phishing site

    I have a feeling there's a lot less activity on here lately, and its due to people being scared away by their browsers with the "reported site" warning...
  12. What are you reading?

  13. Do guys put girls in the friend zone?

    Sometimes you grow close to someone in a way where they are more like a brother or sister to you. That doesn't mean that they don't love you, I'm sure they do. Brotherly or sisterly kind of love. They care deeply about you. Some may still define it within "friendzone". What I'm referring to is not a case of "lets keep it friends". It's a case of "You're like a sister to me, and I wouldn't loose that". But it's hard to know for sure unless he says so. Either way it seems you got a real good friend there
  14. Hi! I'm new...

    Greetings, William!