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  1. well I am an Orthodox Christian. If I had to choose one rather than my own, I would go with winningtology I did not choose Judaism or Islam because they both believe in the same God as Christianity
  2. Your Thoughts on "Players"...

    A dude in my fraternity is a total player but I cannot blame him. His girlfriend cheated on him then got pragnent. Now the girl is living with the father of the baby, and my friend was all alone. Some plaers might be a total asshole but some has a deep history. Nevertheless, do not trust a player. They are like a ying yang.
  3. college

    There must be a christian club on the campus join them.
  4. What qualities are you looking for?

    someone nice attractive trustworthy and have the same or similar religious beliefs
  5. Who else is in California?

    Long Beach CA
  6. to be completely I still do not know how/when/why I decided to WTM. My entire family has an orthodox christian background and when it comes to sex or the other stuff, they did not tell me ANYthing. I developed myself by my own.Even in my family, we do not really talk about religion, sex etc but I am pretty sure they are expecting me WTM. When it comes to friends, well it is a little bit confusing. I am in a fraternity and I am pretty sure you know how that stuff goes... Since I like flirting with ladies, they kinda see me as a ''player'' even though they know everything about me. so yeah. Idid not get any support but honestly, Idid not really need it.
  7. Favorite Sports teams

    FOOTBALL - Arsenal BASKETBALL - LA Lakers
  8. Can you just be friends with a woman??

    if you keep your distance right why not ?
  9. Guys I need an advise

    No they respect me I do not doubt that, but they do not really think about religion all the time while we were talking. To be honest past couple days I did not feel the presure. Everything is okay right now
  10. What qualities are you looking for?

    I am not gonna talk about nice personality etc. because let's be honest every single person can say that. I am 6'2 (187 cm) blonde person, and I would like to be someone who is also blonde. The height is not important as long as it is not extremely high or low. I am into sports, and it would be great if she is too. Lastly, Someone who DEFINATELY wıll not remind me my sister.
  11. Guys I need an advise

    Ladies can join to the fraternities but they can't be a part of the brotherhood. Tey just help us to set up the events etc.
  12. Guys I need an advise

    I do not know where to start. Firstly, I am a guy who is from eastern europe, and currently living in the U.S Well... I am an orthodox as you may guess, but the thing is I am also in a fraternity. I told some of my brothers that I am religious etc. They said ''I feel ya'' etc. Don't give me wrong they respect me so much in fact they expect me to be the president in the future. Of course I did not tell every single member that I am sort of religiousit would be kinda weird. I am also really good with ladies. During the Join a club day, I got almost 20 names for the fraternity, so I kinda have a legacy. That's why some members kinda expect me to be a little bit more playful in parties and I am like, ''No bro not tonight I am a noble guy I don't want a party girl'' Don't give me wrong I respect everyone and of course I have preferences. I do not wanna drop out because I love my brothers, so what can I do.?