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  1. OK, now I admit that "fault" word was unfortunate.I'm sorry for this. I should have said "I must approve it". Saying "yes" here is too cheap isn't it? But being honest is always expensive, which i'm paying here atm. The thing you said is much harder than pressing 3 buttons. Most likely you would skip that guy, don't even need to know how is his personalty. Imo, physical appearance is more important than you thought. Tons of couples are divorcing because of poor sex life. If you consider we waiters are all locked boxes and expect much from sex, we must approve our partners to not to get a possible disappointment in the future. Sex is very important and done with body, not characters.
  2. I said i am open to criticism, not disrespect. I'm very sharp. One pic and my thesis decomposed? If i start to upload pics of my examples, it would take years, so don't make me do it please. In other words you are 1% right, i'm 99% (buffed your percentage even)
  3. "Don't take it serious" and "no comments needed" are pretty disrespectful, offensive and irritating. Made me regret sharing my specials. Then can i ask you if you would accept a guy with any height, like 8 inches shorter than you? There are lots of good breasts around, i know (from internet for sure). I approve all breasts unless they are not saggy. Thats all.
  4. I am open to any constructive criticism. I must say i'm surprised that you jam in a worthless point. EVERYBODY have these kind of expectations. Can you say you can date with any waiter regardless of his/her physical appearance? It can be anyone on the street ? If no, i threw back your "No further comment needed" comment. If yes, first discover yourself and then be sincere. Because we all have physical expectations. Also you can't blame me because of my expectations. Judging my decisions is not your business. Its so rude, learn your borders. You can only discuss if this make things harder or if i can respond my possible partners expectations. In addition, the thing i want isn't too rare. Every time i see beautiful girls outside which i approve physically (considering their breasts are as good as their faces). The reason why i'm forever alone is scarcity of waiters.
  5. What about you? Do you have additional demands like these which make you the alone of the alone?
  6. This is the list of requirements i want from my girl 1. Since i'm a waiter, i want her to be as well. 2. She must be good, honest, conscientious, fair, respectful, modest and sincere just as much as i am. 3. Since i'm working out and i have some salient body, i want the same as well. She must be good looking and attractive. Also i m obsessed with breasts, so they shouldn't have any fault. 4. Since i'm a thinking guy and i use my own judgement, i want same from my partner. For example in my country people do circumcision. I discovered myself it sucks bad, unnecessary and stupid, then searched for it and confirmed. When a girl comes and says "circumcision is good" because of she can't think with her own brain, just repeats what she heard; i become estranged. Also i don't think i can love girls only know watching series but don't even know the difference between planets and stars. 5. Since i don't smoke and rarely drink, i want same. Do you think i can find this girl or i must cut my hope already? How will i find this girl?
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    Thank you for these beautiful words, you all are so good.
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    Hello everyone! Its great to see people who think like this, and awesome to be with them. I decided to wtm when i was young. Perfectly kept it until i was 24, then made a mistake with a girl who i thought we are going to marry. I had lost my most precious asset and it was devastating. After this i was determined to prove it was a mistake, to myself and god. Now i'm 29, thankfully i'm successfully doing it for 5 years. I think this is a blessed lifestyle, because no one understands you and you only take strength from god... I'm delighted to be here, thank you all