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  1. I have eight things you have to look before getting married.



    1. Why I want to marry me ?: If one of your first choices is tohate being single and it's time to catch the big fish before wearing saints you stay, you're going the wrong way. Reasons such as the need for companionship, "secure" your current partner before you escape, economic security that gives your spouse or peer pressure, just make hasty decisions and comets that once the ring have in hand, what you care less it is building a home. When we see marriage as a goal, surely you careless of your relationship to spend a couple of years after completing your plan of life, so what? A Marriage is not a marathon expiration date. 

    2. It is time to give: Are you willing to be condescending? A perfect match is not one that says "yes" to all or accepting your whims.The better half is not what most closely resembles us: it is the best we can understand in the conflict, and the conflict mainly arises from the differences. When you go to share with someone a space that becomes common and a life partner, the scales must be balanced and need to change the chip "I do what I want and my way." With simple details like cleaning the house, decoration, market products, plans to laws and arrival times, among others, may burst the Second World War. If you're willing to share your space and your rules become two, you have the emotional maturity to live with someone else; before, no. 

    3. Are you ready for change ?: Leaving home or have new responsibilities can be traumatic for many women. Your new husband will not want to raise a child who does not know what to do with his new life. Question yourself if you are ready to leave the house, have new and more expenses, comply with duties of a home of their own and meet commitments that are only possible to know when you live with your partner.

     4. The question is the chemical ?: Yes and no. Ann Smith, Specialist Psychologies Today , the easiest part of a relationship is chemical and has nothing to do with what will be the future of the couple. There are more important elements that focus on sharing the humor, musical tastes or have good sex.This will only be visible with the passing of time. 

    5. The fear of being alone: â€‹â€‹When the attraction disappears and there is a will and that's enough because you hate the idea of anyone to notice you, the chances are you're contemplating marriage commitment more than love. Believing that "I marry this because who cares", thinking that no one will notice you make the body or the long process of meeting someone and stay with the man of the moment, you will have to be made ​​future infidelities and part : each will go to look in other directions so at home does not already have. You will feel more lonely, depressed and routine will be suffocating. 

    6. Looking ahead: He can be an excellent accompaniment to dance when, when viewing movies or ideal lover in bed, but if you plan for the future is, things go beyond their own hobbies and cuddling the courtship. While each person has personal goals, a couple who plan to marry must unify their projects. Moreover, it analyzes if the sight of your man coupled to the personal growth you expect from a couple who will be with you the rest of your life. Do not forget: you need to be demanding but also who is with you. 

    7. Straight for the jugular: List of defects: Everyone has flaws. Can you handle yours?Although coexistence is a matter of trade, it is crucial to identify those things that are bearable and those who definitely do not go with your lifestyle. 

    8. Let talk: No one but you knows what you feel and what experiences every day with your partner, but it never hurts to watch from the sidelines. Ask your family, close friends and people who know about how you see your relationship and how you perceive your boyfriend. The opinions of others also note: it is objective and partial.

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