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  1. WOWWWW, what an experience. That is the difficulty for we virgins and celibate. sometimes we are so happy to meet a man who shares the same interests as us, we really want it to work. But you are right, we have to think with our head and not our vagina. Thank God that you did not let him have control over your body.

    God bless


  2. hello hello

    I'm happy to hear that you got married. It's been a very long time since the last time I was connected to this site. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    For my part I am still asking God for his help because I really want to do what I know is right, but I am wrestling with my flesh a lot. So please remember me in your prayers. Once again, thanks for sharing your experience and for supporting those of us who are waiting. I believe that my turn will come too.

    God bless u

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  3. Great question! I was not aware of this before reading your post, but I have realized a lot things are being controlled in my life now: when I eat meat I feel guilty and I also quit eating fast food as well... ok 80%. Because of my environment it is taking some time to shut the door to all of these stuff. However if there is one thing that I have not eaten for 2 years now is bubble gums. Wow... it was a little break that I allowed myself (when I feel I had eaten too much I would put a stop for a certain amount of time). The last time I tried this, I did not impose myself any length of time. And here I am today totally free to eat back a chewing gum as soon as I feel like doing it, but actually the desire is absent. Until when? I don't know!!!

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  4. I was saying to myself that since it is hard for people to meet, the best moment might be during a Holiday. What about a cruise  or a camp or even meet up at Disneyland? like that, while spending vacation, anyone can be free to meet up with the group!

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  5. Hello,

    Am I the only one who feels the need to interact with same-minded people in another way than virtually on internet? I mean we could meet just as people do in family reunions!!!???!!! Though it's kind of complicated with people such as I, 'cause there are lots of people who do not want to reveal their identity. Can we all propose solutions? Sometimes I feel really lonely on this planet and I need to talk talk talk with same-minded people.

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  6. In the past I was still in love with my first love so I true some memory away, to show people that I'm over that but Imust admit I held on to some others. Years had past and I was still having feelings for him, and I would often go in this little book and review the beautiful line he wrote for me efter our separation. But today I only go back to those words when I need to step back in my childhood. Today it's impossible for me to give up the gifts that I have received from my last ex boy friend. I think i have to find this new person that would help me have another reaction.

  7. Well sometimes me too I think that I would likely leave this world still being a Virgin. Though I hardly and seldom tell the guys in which I'm interested that I am a Virgin. I keep this secret until I feel that it is the right person. Up till now, I am still waiting for him...

    I have to admit that those past days, I was terribly on the nerves, angry with my ownself because of my libido that was very high. Furthermore, I was realizing that I am still a single Virgin woman whereas I receive various propositions for "stable" Relationships. I was saying to myself that finally I will have to give up, it was too hard to support. Thanks to God, everything is alright now with this libido thing.

  8. hello,

    I attend a baptist christian Church even if I can also often find myself in a charismatic or penticostal church. I was born in a baptist community, even if I see its flaws, I keep believing that every religion has its good and its bad sides.

    I am persuaded that if church-gojng  people would stop arguing and spending most of their time upon subjects that are causing division among them, we would end up with less religions and denominations. Salvation is strctly personnal, whereas "RELIGION" is forcing people to have the same life style. In other words, a different interpretation of the bible  creates another denomination,...

  9. Unfortunately, I am not in this case but what I can say is when I am very interested in a guy, it hurts me to act as if I was pleased in kissing or touching  because I know that I definitely want to WAIT until marriage. It hurts a lot because I want to please him as well. If you do love him, then find the strengh to help him accomplish his dream, if not take the difficult decision before it gets too late  and then both of you end up hating each other. I have learned that you have to be perseverant in life but do not force destiny.

    God bless u