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  1. fantastic community

    yeah i think also i'm the one. my island is not even showing on the WTM map . Guadeloupe, in the french west indies.
  2. Physicist introducing himself & waiting too

    welcome! i myself entered this community no so long ago and trust me it does make a real difference seeing people sharing the same situation with you. When i whatch several personalities that are now practising abstinence or people who are creating dynamic web sites to show how they are proud to be virgins in spite of their age, it strenghens me. May God bless you
  3. that would be great if he would take in charge the cooking activity. i seldom cook, but when it's done wholeheartidly it's more than exquis
  4. still here and...

    i think the secret to not to let go is to avoid being often around people who talk only about sex, watching sexual things on the tv... i watched a video some months a back with a so called muneera Warner (31 years old as well) & it uplifted me. as soon as i followed her footsteps it became much more easier for me to handle these moments of impatience. i am 31 and & i know my God will never forsake me. May the good Lord bless you.
  5. Going to church...

    1) yes i do attend Church on a regular basis, at least every sundays, then during the week for bible study and prayer meeting. I believe that it's a privilege for me to go to Church freely whereas other brothers & sisters in various part of the world must hide themselves to meet in jesus's name. 2) i am a new member on this wtm website and i'm a Young woman, so the 2nd question is not 4 me i suppose. 3) attending Church is a way to keep your faith pure and thus, to please God (for without faith it is impossible to please God). In addition attending Church isn't benefic only for you, but it encourages others as well. 4) it is definitely necessary for both to practice the same faith, if not ther will be no space a healthy couple communication. god bless you all