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  1. Hello, from new member!

    welcome my dear God bless u
  2. What was the last film you watched?

    i seldom seat to watch movies butthe last one i watched at home was awsome : think like a man (1 & 2). Think like a man 2 was 2 comic.
  3. ... oh i 4got to mention men with bowed legs (not too much though)
  4. Hello from a husband

    hello, welcome here & feel 3 to share whatever u think might be helpful 4 us. looking forward to hear ur testimonies. ps :a married "ex" waiter, u were? good night & God bless u
  5. Random Thoughts

    i'm so glad, i'm blessed, i can't complain... if u ask why, well nothing special i just have what is called life & not only life but life in Jesus. Have a blessed day everybody God bless yal
  6. WTM Scripture Verses

    rom 12 : 1 "i urge you brethren to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your proper worship". through this scripture i understand that we are waiters because we want 2 worship God properlly. God bless u
  7. unwanted dreams

    i think it's related to conversation that we have , things that we Watch on tv, certain books that we read, ... then all this just happens naturally when we can no longer control your mind ('cause ur'e sleeping & tired).i say "we" because i sometimes have sweet dreams if it's so they call that.
  8. as far as i'm concerned, i do not follow a "religion". but 2 answer ur question, as i was raised in a baptist family, what often comes up is : "every man & woman in Christ is a new creation, old things have past away, a new child is born". to sum up, your way of life shouldn't be the same as an unbeliever. however, having travelled for my studies, i ended up in a "penticostal" Church (i think penticostal because of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit & the speaking in tongues that we not see in baptist churhes). From my point of view, what comes up first is "your heart". in the fisrt case the outward appearance is what they highlight. In the 2nd one, it's the inward appearance that counts. hope that helps u. and thanks 4 this question. i am curious to know the others. God bless u
  9. How do you nourish your faith?

    this is a great question, every day i try to find new ways of having & maintaining a pure faith in Jesus. faith comes by hearing the word of God. For the moment i am trying 2 read my bible at least twice a day (morning & night) & i also listen to religious topic on internet &radio. it does help build a good quality faith.
  10. What Counts?

    before marriage i think the kiss is ok, but not more than that 'cause when u give more & unfortunatetly u both are no longer 2gether u find urself doing the same things with the other Partner & so on & so on.
  11. the sex of my child is not the most important for me (however i would like at least a girl). if i can't have kids, ican still adop but i won't let no husband make me feel somehow 4 being unable to give him a child. Maybe the problem comes from him ... lol
  12. Does anyone feel same way?

    yeah it's normal u're still Young but if u want an advise stop this relationship as soon as possible before u get stuck in it and suffer useless consequences. And it's a good thing u've decided to wait instead of givin ur body to a guy with who u do not seem 2 spend ur lifetime. kisses and take care of u may God bless u
  13. Hi, I'm new from OK.

    hi hello we are glad to have u among us may God bless u
  14. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    i do not need his money, i need more than his "wealth", i need his love. i am an independant working person i just want to be extreemely loved by my husband.
  15. omg!!!!! ilov 2 c the "adam's apple" on a guyyyyyyyy why? i really don' tknow. lol but it really doesn't matter wether my husband should hav it or not
  16. Just Joined!

    welcome Michael God bless u
  17. Hello there! (⌒▽⌒)

    welcome Speechless u don't seem to be speechless, at the contrary!!! lolllllll we are all glad to have among us during this journey Be bleeesd
  18. New Member yayyyy

    welcome Kendall God bless you
  19. Hi Everyone!

    hello Galacticious, welcome! it is said that everybody is unique, and i think u're the guy that can proove it. To be honest, i don't know much people, but one. a school mate, 10 years ago. a non-religious that was seeking purity and chastity. I do think that there are more people like you. good luck
  20. Hi everybody!!

    hi Maya may God bless you . for my part each time I see a new comer I feel happy. This shows how we are desperate for a positive life. Welcome Maya!
  21. fantastic community

    hi evrybody, i am so exited about this website i have really been encouraged in these few hours in front of my computer screan. I was not expecting to find a community like that on the net. I am so glad i found it. To introduce myself briefly, i am 31, Virgin and christian woman. I have chosen to wait until marriage because i really love my God and i want to live a faithful life. my prayer for each & every one is that u hold on to your commitment as long as possible. Even if we do not know each other i am very glad to be in touch with you all. God bless you
  22. Hello everyone! I'm glad to be here!

    lol je vois ça!!! but yeah i know it's a difficult language
  23. Hello everyone! I'm glad to be here!

    you cause people to both shed tears and laugh at the same time. waw!!! i love spanish i can handle it a little. Italian i can undrstand à few words and French i am fluent. but God knows how i hate deutch or german, or whatever...
  24. fantastic community

    actually i've already been to French Guiana but never to (the English Guyana). I suppose u're from the English side, aren't you Markb4?
  25. Hello everyone! I'm glad to be here!

    OMG!!!!! what is this? A novel? Hello Octavio! T'was very long but very very interesting. while reading i was at a moment sad and at an other smiley. i wish u find the support needed for this "journey". Remember, avoiding sex before marriage is not making of you a good christian, it's just a part of christianity, so be true to yourself & stick to what u know is good. So u're trinlingual! interestin! can you tell me which languages you are speaking? God bless you!