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  1. New Member

    hello vammm i encourage to continue on this path. Welcome & God bless u
  2. Hello WTM!

    welcome Wanderer God bless u
  3. Hello, WTM!

    hi Skylark! welcome hope you will enjoy this site, it is of an extreme help for waiters. God bless u
  4. 25 year old guy, waiting till marriage

    hello Will; i'm glad to count you among us. God bless you.
  5. Going to church...

    I just started going to Church hello PhotoGirl, this was a response i was giving to Octavio when he said that he recently started going back to Church. However, i did answer your questions in my 1st post on the 8th march, and when I said that "attending Church is a way to keep your faith pure and thus, to please God (for without faith it is impossible to please God). In addition attending Church isn't benefic only for you, but it encourages others as well." I was talking in general, concerning one's life. It's only now i'm handling this quote thing. God bless u
  6. New Member

    hello welcome Tom, hope u find encouragement on this site. God bless u
  7. praying openly in public places

  8. praying openly in public places

    :(Sometimes, no, OFTEN, when i am out in public places i don't make my prayer apparent to all. For example i can't pray openely before starting to eat in a restaurant. when i am in Church it's ok, when i am in part of a group outside (Church gathering,...) it's possible as well but when comes to do it individually in public places it is so hard 4 me. Notwithstanding, I still try to do it each time i should. but there are 2 questions on my mind: - Should i pray openly in public places for others to see me? Like the pharises were doing? 'cause if it's for God, I don't have to be forcing that way. - do I secretely pray in public places because it embarasses me to pray to my God and that i don't want others to Watch me like i am crazy. Am I ashamed of God? I would like to know how u other christian folks handle this issue. Thanks in advance & may God bless u all Love u guys!!!
  9. Hola chico, como estas? Bienvenido en este sitio. Estoy Segura de que encontraras ayuda aqui. Supongo que hablas Espanol entonces quierro approvechar para fomentar mi espagnol. Que Dios te bendiga!
  10. Going to church...

    what do u call OT?
  11. homosexuality forbidden romans 1 : 26& 27 ... for this reason God gave them over to degrading passions. their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. Likewise their men.. receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.
  12. I DO NOT have so closed friends , thus i will not take this conversation with everybody. but my closest friends know since they are also waiters.
  13. Hello, new here

    hello Luke you r welcome among us, may God bless u .
  14. Going to church...

    that agood decision to go back to Church . keep your mind on God at all times. God bless u
  15. Hello everybody!(:

    hi glad you've taken this decision, you are welcome! GOD bless u
  16. praying openly in public places

    thks 4 ur answer NicoleNova, it is encouraging. Dat should definitely be my motto : getting out of my comfort zone when it is to honour my God. God bless u
  17. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    but if i really do not have these options (any at all or both of them put together) i'd choose the manly man. i just cannot support a guy too soft, that's for women, leave this play for me then & play your "manly" role!!!
  18. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    this topic is interesting but kinda impossible to choose. we've got the choice between 2 extreems & personally i'd answer none at all or both put together.
  19. The Apple Tree

    With this interpretation given, i would say that i am definitely an apple at the top of the tree. This helps in selfconfidence & reminds me that there is nothing wrong with me or my situation, it's just that there is only one person in the whole world that deserves me & able to conquer my heart. God bless u
  20. praying openly in public places

    Buster Cannon i agree totally with what u say but i am not talking about the "loud" prayer. Either u close your eyes & bow your head (standard way), either u keep quiet with your eyes open & while praying in your heart. Which one comes out first when you are in a restaurant (fast food or not) for example ?
  21. praying openly in public places

    Aditya, i can't maybe because of shyness & when i try 2 overcome my shyness i realize i do it more for others to see me whereas i can pray discreetly in my heart for my God. But u've a point there when u say we should let the world see that "there are still believers".
  22. From lurker to member... Hi

    glad 2 hav u among us be blessed
  23. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I want his first time to be with me and my first time to be with him. We will both get to know these pleasures 2gether.
  24. very interesting suggestion, 4 this audio system especially for those like I who would like to practice my foreign language skills