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  1. This topic seems very interesting I would love to answer it, but unfortunately I could not read it till the end. It is tooooooo loooooonnnnnnnggggg!!!!! I hope I will make time one day. God bless u.
  2. You're not the only one fighting this battle at this age. So courage and remain faithful, God has not forgotten us. God bless u.
  3. A popular girl !!

    His girl friend should should be willing to change some of her habits, knowing that now she is not all by herself. Of course she can have only boys as friends, but her Relationship with them should be limited, at least to show some kind of respect to her boyfriend.
  4. Honestly, do not try to change in order to please others. It might cause you more damage than positive results. Besides, you will never be perfect. Either you are trying to date the wrong people or you are badly handling things. God bless u!
  5. Based on the information you've given, I would say yes, I can like a guy like you. But I think it would be better to have more information concerning your flaws. Sincerely, I no longer get interested in a person just for his various qualities. I will need to know if I can stand his flaws on the long run. God bless you.
  6. I am glad that this question question has come up, 'cause while reading armytiger's response, I realiseI do not have to think like that neither. This explanation has often cross my mind, but her354 is right when she says that you "do not deserve your Partner" and no one will never deserve anything from God. So let's just continue waiting faithully for God's Gift. God bless u all.
  7. Guys, who pays?

    If it's the 1st time, well I might want to pay for myself. But NEVER EVER I will pay for him. Not the 1st time anyway.
  8. New to the site

    hi, welcome! God bless u
  9. hello! It's a good thing that you have encontered this site; I wish you remain patient till mariage with your future Partner. As I like to advice Young people, surround yourself ith like-minded people and avoid certain conversations or movies. God bless you (even if you do not believe in God lol)
  10. here

    hi! Glad that you have found it. God bless you
  11. Hi Everyone

    Hi Ingrid, welcome here, God bless you
  12. Hola!

    hola chico! bienvevido! nosoy Espanola pera a mi me gusta este idioma . Que Dios le bendigas!
  13. Greetings from Denmark!

    hello Javob, welcome to the club. have a good day, God bless u
  14. Driving

    Any, even if i'd prefer him drive. This being said it dépends on how he drives. If i'm not comfortable with him behind the stearing Wheel, well I will be the driver.
  15. still waiting...update

    Yeah don't give up, we both have the same age if that can encourage you. I am struggling with this "waiting for my husband" business. But I know for sure the best decision to take is to continue waiting. I don't know for you but now I am talking to everyone about my (future) husband as if we are already together because I have faith in God, my husband is on his way. Take good courage, we are all on this site, with you, you're not alone.
  16. Prayer requests?

    I will remember you in my prayers OneLovelyBabe . God bless u
  17. Food date

    For my part, i hate to cook so that would be very romantic for me to have MY Man cooking for me. However, I love to prepare food when that takes me, and I bet you, you have to eat it, no matter how it tastes hihihi . I am not very fond of restaurants but that would'nt bother me if we would go.
  18. Food date

  19. Food date

    What boooyyyyy!!! you are really funny!
  20. Male grooming

    LOL JDmantel you are very comic!!! As far as I am concerned, I have no special criteria concerning that, but I must still admit that I do not like to see a guy with hair on his chest or whereever close to this area.It's a place for me to rest my head, and not for his hair.
  21. Singlehood

    hey JDmantel! Don't let this prevent you from dating, after all you are the man, so make the first move! You simply have to date in the right places, where you know that there are waiters, just like you. Do you see what i mean? pick up some contacts on this site, those from the UK, maybe there's someone waiting for you, or they can introduce you to some good friends waiters also.
  22. Singlehood

    Me neither Elizabeth; I am a little bit reserved. Painful and irritating for me.
  23. Singlehood

    Lolllll !!! ... Because I do not want to be going out each time with the first guys that approach me when I know that I have no feelings for them. I am 31, it's better for me not to lose my time in any Relationship, especially when I know I am afraid of being hurt and of hurting someone. For the moment there is not one guy that I know and with whom I'd want to spend the rest of my life. I have a lot of love to give my future husband and to him alone.
  24. Couples Therapy

    for my part I am not fond of this stuff "couple therapy". but I ca do it with my husband if it will help our Relationship. I am convinced that things should and can be arranged in private. For love sake, the both have to sincerely try to put themselves in the other one's place.If not the conseler can talk all his talk but thre will be no change.